Monday, January 2, 2012

New Start

Hubs gave me a pile of books for the holidays and I'm loving them. Fodder for thought, and for tracking authors.

I went to P.C. Cast's blog today and perused around. I've followed Ally Condie some. A few others too.

There are so many questions I want to ask all these women as fledgling authors, the people they were before they became goddesses of the writing world.

My primary one being: "How did you push through the self-doubt day after day?" 

Meanwhile. We push on.

Hours logged today:0     Pages logged today:0     Words logged today:0

Moment of Magic today:
This song has long-standing, deep meaning to me. And Ani is without a doubt magical.


  1. Everyone has self doubt reguardless of what they do. You are an extremely talented writer. Just write! Even if it just a sentence. I know you are doubting yourself right now. If you can't believe in yourself as a writer at the moment let the rest of us do that for you until you can again. So all that leaves for you to do is to write...even if it is complete crap you are still writing and that is the only thing you need to do right now. :) One word at a time. Heth

  2. one word, one word, one word... thanks heth. thanks for the belief.


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