Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Few Days Later

Usually I pull one or two tricks out of my bag to get myself into writing-mode. If' I've been mulling over things throughout the day this can take as little as, say, 10 minutes or so. Sometimes the process can take up to 30 minutes, though. Maybe, once in awhile, it takes an hour? That doesn't happen very often, especially if I've been thinking about it while doing laundry, cleaning dishes, fixing dinner, cooing and playing with the boys.

Something about today, though, is off kilter.

I've pulled out my entire bag this evening, dumping all my tricks haphazardly onto the floor -- I turned on the dishwasher, listened to music, sat in front of the fireplace to meditate on the flame, listened to more music, ate some cereal, read over various parts of what I've written already -- parts I particularly like and am proud of -- prayed, cleared my mind, tried to visualize the scene I'm trying to write...the list goes on...

But I'm stuck. I'm not having writer's block; quite the contrary. I've got so much to write, so much I see going on next, but I can't seem to write fast enough so I pause mid-scene because I have to go to bed sometime, eh? Then the next day I re-read what I wrote and?

And it's just not good enough. The words don't quite fit, and even when/if they do, I just feel like...dunno...like it's lame. 

I tell myself that it doesn't matter if I think it's dumb or not. I have these deeply invested reasons I want to write, I need to write, and I'll get better as I go. Blah, blah.

Even that trick's not working today. So.


Hours logged today: 3    Pages logged today: 0/Editing    Words logged today: 0/Editing

Moment of Magic today:

Magic Dragon Run Link

It was magical finding this link. I'm gonna sign up for three reasons: 
1) I revel in the Chinese New Years; 2) I used to be an avid runner and I'm tired of saying, "I used to [this] and I used to [that]" so it'll be a good start to running again; and 3) I think Alpha's going to love it. He explodes with his joy of running. 


  1. What is going on. I knew something was wrong when I talked with you. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard go at writing right now. You know I believe things happen for a reason & we are meant to learn from them. I'm not telling you what to do but I know that if you can't get past this "block" you will have learned yet another thing. Maybe how to work around mental blocks that are not writing blocks. At least this a positive perspective on a frustrating situation. :) Heth

  2. thanks, Heth, for your wise words, for the surprise visit, and for the Greek yogurt. Yum, to all of the above.


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