Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blogging Award and Such

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Writing is a struggle sometimes. Maybe all the time. Like climbing a really big wall, and it’s rough, but you know it’ll be worth it when you get to the top. At least you very much hope so? No, deep down you know so.

Bloggers know this as much as any other writer published or hermitized, and so launched originally by an anonymous person somewhere in the magical ether of the blogosphere; picked up and perpetuated by the world-wide army of bloggers: we have the Versatile Blogger Award.

I love it. And I love that a.eye nominated me for the award. It is especially an honor because she is the one who gave it to me, and I admire her writing. She’s thoughtful and insightful, even when she doesn’t realize it, and her posts either help me open my eyes about the world, or help me be more okay and happy about who I am. On top of all that, she’s funny, which is always a plus.

Appreciations go to her, and to Anonymous Person who came up with the idea in the first place. Feel the love, then pay it forward. I can do that.

Now that I've been recognized, here’s the deal. I need to:
  • Share 7 completely random pieces of information about myself.
  • Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

Here are 7 random pieces of Deb:

1. I have a Chinese symbol tattooed on the inside of each of my forearms. They are both very significant to me. When people ask what they mean, I usually point to the one on my left arm and say, “Dragon.” Then point to the one on my right and say, “Lady.” Most people pull a half-grin and snigger a little bit, unsure of whether or not I’m telling the truth. I’m not, but I don’t usually clarify.

2. I’m not generally a hoarder, except when it comes to my writing, but for some reason I still have a couple of report cards from when I was in elementary (probably because they willy-nilly got stuffed into one of my journals at some point) which both say I was merely average in everything, needed to be encouraged to interact more, but I did great in art. Apparently the teachers didn’t know, or understand, the only way to survive in my school was a) to be average, and b) to keep your mouth shut. My peers were ruthless.

3. I have a small obsession with apples. Mostly the idea of apples, the visuals of apples. I think apple trees are so beautiful. They are part of the rose family, and their blossoms smell just as sweet if not sweeter. I think it’s magical that if you cut an apple horizontally, the seeds inside sit in the shape of a star. The flavor of most apples isn’t really amazing to me, though, unless pared with peanut butter. I love that potatoes in French are called “pomme d’terre,” or “apples of the earth.”

link to original here
4. My favorite online game to play is Guild Wars, though I don’t play very much anymore. I took a week off work, one summer maybe 7 years back?, to go on vacation but due to an unplanned lack in funds I didn’t go. I stayed home and “vacationed” in the game instead, and was completely content (this was pre-baby days, obviously). If I do jump on again, whenever a blue moon comes around, my favorite characters to play are an elementalist and an archer. I don’t like getting up close and personal with my adversaries.

5. When I work on my book I have to have the dishwasher running in the background. It’s the perfect noise, for some reason. I don’t usually need specific things when I’m writing, or at least I haven’t in the past, but this time around it’s different. Again, I’m not sure why.

6. Where I grew up, hot air balloons used to fill the skies early on Saturday mornings when the air was still a little bit sharp to breathe. I’m not at all a morning person, but the sight of those balloons was amazing, and worth getting up for. Hundreds of them. It would make my heart race. So for my 16th birthday my sister took me on a hot air balloon ride, and afterwards the driver? (I have no idea what they’re called, now that I think of it) smashed a champagne bottle on the basket because it was my “virgin sail.” I remember it splashing on me, and drying kind of sticky? Ever since, I’ve wanted to have my own hot air balloon when I’m older, when my hair is long and white. I want the balloon to be all colors of the rainbow.

7. I’ve climbed part of the Great Wall. The stones were really steep, and I had to stop to breathe, hand on hip and drinking sips of water, but I’m glad I did. My pause made me look around, and the scenery was so normal – trees, mountain terrain, bugs flitting around, a familiar blue sky –  it made me feel oddly at home when my heart was hurting for it. Since then I’ve come to understand a little better the phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” But back then I didn’t get it. I think maybe that view was my first clue.

And in no particular order, 15 writers/bloggers I either follow religiously everyday (everyday that they post, anyway), or have recently found and adore:

I don't generally have the time or attention span to read long posts, but she gets me everytime. Everytime. Her posts are long, but at the end I always want her to write more.
Sleepy Joe has wit and charm coming out of her virtual ears. I like how she shares her experiences in a comfortable voice that makes you just want to tag along.

This is one of my favorite new blogs. Her descriptions are awesome, her suggestions make a lot of sense, and her chill style is great. A must-visit.

Sally O'Reilly is I think one of the main reasons I continued to blog. A published author, she gives tips on writing. She is funny, smart, down-to-earth, and her suggestions on writing are not overwhelming at all. And she's been posting some of her own short stories lately, which I love.

Another new blog I've just recently found. I lover her writing voice, and how she is doing her photo documentation of the year. Her Writing Treadmill is a great little piece too.

I come here for great advice on kid stuff, mama stuff, running training stuff...really lots and lots of stuff. She has a lot of wisdom, but gives it to you in a way that's easy to digest. Another must-visit.

Found this blog at Blogher, randomly in the blogroll of the March NaBloPoMo event, and with a name like that, how could I not investigate? Because, I too think buttered toast rocks. And now I'm addicted. The blog is well written, a quick read, and I always come away happier for what I've read.

You just gotta go see this one. Words don't do justice.

Here is a blog that's written for teachers, but enjoyable by all. I love her suggestions for lesson plans because they are think outside of the box type things. And I feel a little wiser after reading her stuff. And it has a link to Etsy, which I adore.

This blog always gets me thinking. She writes about her life with her family, includes beautiful pictures, links to videos, the whole deal. I love this blog.
Here is a hub of writers and original writing plus art. A great place to explore for some stories and art in the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Pamela Redmond Satran has written multiple books, one of which originated from this blog. It's all in the name, and it's another must-visit.

Ah, I love her. Love her books, love the personality she gives off in interviews and such. This is a link to her blog, which is both down-to-earth and interesting. I like going through some of her older archived work, just to look for nuggets of writerly inspiration.

Again, a new blog I just found that I'd like to watch and read some more. She is very funny, she reviews coffee of all things (jealous? perhaps a little), and she loves pink. I won't admit it to very many people, but I also like pink. It's pretty :)

Enjoy the links, I dare you to try them all, and then please don't forget to vote about this if you haven't already. Many thanks.

Total pages logged as of today: Visit my First Draft -- Deb Stats page to find out

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts of yours because of 2 things. You got nominated for the versatile blogger award! Well done you! I am so happy that other people have recognized how fabulous you are and get to share in your gift of writting. Really what are our gifts and talents for if not to share them?
    2nd, I love that even after having known you for 12-ish years I didn't know any of the 7 random things about you. At least I didn't know them in entirety, ie; of course I knew that you hoard your writtings but I had no idea that you have old report cards from grade school. Love it! My favorite one was about the apples. Now the fact that I have seen you cut an apple horizontally for Alpha to make a star makes so much more sence to me. I thought it odd at the time but now I love it as I love you. Deb you're my dearest and best friend and I love that after knowing you for so many years there is still so much to learn about you. You are an inspiration to me. Heth

    1. I said that Sally O'Reilly was one of the reasons I kept blogging, but your support was the other reason. Especially in those first couple of months when it was my story I was putting up, and I was trying to really get into my habit of writing it daily (almost daily?). Rough, but then I'd call you and you'd talk me through it. I really appreciate your continued comments, your reading, your honest opinions.

      Thanks for your happy energy that always builds me up.

  2. First, thank you for the honor! And for following my blog.
    Second, I still have report cards from elementary school. My favorite is the teacher who says I'd do better if I didn't daydream so much. ha.
    Apples are related to roses? Didn't know. Also, we eat them with peanut butter all the time.
    "when the air was still a little bit sharp to breathe." Fabulous writing!
    Now, as for your intro at the top. I loved it. Have you seen a fairy ring? My daughter showed me one last year when we were in Idaho. A perfect ring of mushrooms growing in the grass. Pretty magical. (I may have to start kicking some corners around here!)

    1. *Gasp* You have seen one? No, I haven't yet, but I want to. Only in pictures. Someday, maybe. Thanks for the good feedback about that.

      And thank you for providing interesting and fun content in your blog, so I could find you, love what you're doing, and nominate you. And follow you :)

      As for the report cards, and what your teacher said, that does make me smile. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  3. Ok, I have been sitting here staring at the comments box for the last ten minutes not quite sure what to say, and it isn't often I am rendered speechless!!
    Firstly a monumental thank you for following my blog, commenting on my posts and thinking its worthy of honoring in this way...wow :-D
    I have to say you rank as my favourite blog to read! It is an effort sometimes, when the e-mail with your newest post pops up on my phone, not to just abandon work and dive into the latest installment. However I did have to steal a few peaks today, it just looked too intriguing!
    Your random facts had me fascinated and I wonder if asked could I come up with anything as remotely intereting that I haven't already told everyone.
    Any way, I love your writing and appreciate your encouragement greatly. The award is well deserved, so keep up the good work. I am off for a night of discovering new blogs ;-)

    PS I loved the magic moment of today, I agree that hot air balloon's are just so magical to watch. The balloon's on this video made me giggle (just what I needed, thanks), they kind of looked like little weebles that wobbled for a while before someone let go of them, like a normal baloon you let go of with out tying. I have this image of giant balloon's whizzing around off camera!

    1. Ha! I love that my blog is a distraction to you at work! Not, ahem, to get you in trouble though. None of that, none of that.

      I think you're thinking about, researching, and doing great things with your writing. You definitely deserve kuddos for everything you're putting effort and energy into.

      As for random facts...it's funny, cause everything I said seems relatively hum-drum to me, but most likely just because I already know me. I don't know you at all. So anything you write will probably be much more fascinating than you realize.

      And thanks for your PS -- I loved the visual of the weebles. Makes me laugh.

  4. Thanks for the compliments!

    I love that you stopped and looked around while on the Great Wall... so many times we (maybe just me?) don't stop and really see what is around us.

    I wish you luck on owning a hot air balloon too. Just remember to look around at all the views each time.

    1. No, not just you for sure. It's funny that it was my struggles up the wall that made me stop and look around. Maybe that's true of life as well? And maybe part of me (especially the part that's grumbling and swearing) should be grateful for struggles because they make me pause and calm down. Pause and reflect.

      I know, I know. Very much easier said than done, eh? Still, we can try.

  5. Thank you! I'm very honored that you find enjoyment in my blog. #6 flashed me back to sitting outside for sunrise Easter service in Phoenix (early morning hours in the desert are Cold!) and as the sun started to emerge, dozens of hot air balloons rose with the golden rays. It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen.

    1. Another balloon lover. Yes. I think we are all secretly (or some of us more openly) mesmerized by balloons. Maybe it's the event, the right circumstances all aligning, to make a very happy moment. I'm glad it brought back that memory for you, because it does sound like it was amazing.

  6. How sweet! Mucho thanks, you :-) I feel special.

    1. Good! Cause your blog is fabulous, so you should feel special :) Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I had to pop over and have a peep at your blog after seeing you mentioned on Sleepy Joes blog. And I am so glad that I did! Especially like the fiary tales and will be popping back for more x

    1. Sleepy Joe's blog is great, isn't it? And thanks for the feedback about the fairytales. More to come, for sure. If there's a Friday, there will be a fairytale something or other. So glad you popped in.

  8. Wow, thanks! I will have to do my entry on this sometime soon! I haven't been writing as much lately - might have to do NaBloPoMo again in April!

    1. Yes, of course! Thank you for creating such easy to process and use content.


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