First, I've made and am constantly adding to a collection of 5x8 journals called Little Blank Books over here. Initially I did this because I was intimidated by the idea of indie publishing. I want to be a hybrid author, working and thriving in both the indie and traditional publishing worlds, but [fill in the blank with all the fear words]. 

We kick intimidation, though, right? Because fear is dumb. I bite my thumb at it. 

Thus, the Little Blank Books were born. They've helped me understand the process of putting together covers, pages, formatting, hoops to jump through, etc. I've learned to enjoy the steps and outcome, which is so much better than succumbing to all the fear things. 

Death to fear.

Second, I'm putting together a poetry book. It's little pieces of my heart I've scribbled down over the years, and therefore scary to consider sharing. I don't share these heart pieces much--who even knew I dabbled with poetry? I can probably count the number of who's on one hand. 

But life is short, so death to fear. More to come on this.

Last, I'm also working on a little something for November 2nd, this blog's 11-year anniversary. Right now it's a blob of ink and ideas, but it's been trying to come together for awhile. Maybe years? That's a long time to be blog blob. More on this soon too, so keep your pointy ears perked. 

Meanwhile, I hope magic is manifesting daily in your lives and you're learning to slay your monsters too. Death to all the fears.

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