Picture Book Challenge

Hello fellow Creatives! This is a five-week challenge based loosely on the 12x12 Challenge. For an awesome, more balanced, more supported platform go there.

For a quicker, looser, self-motivated experience, read on.

Borrowing from Kicking Corner’s tradition of 300 Thursdays, where I post poetry and short stories 300 words or less, this is a challenge to write one children’s picture book per week over the next five weeks.

I’m not talking manuscripts that are polished, perfected, ready to start subbing agents and publishers. These will be first drafts, ideas in the making.

At the end of five weeks, you’ll have a handful of stories that stand out from the others and a general idea of how to generate more. Do these challenges again and you'll have ten stories. Again, and you'll have fifteen. Into infinity. 

From these, you'll have multiple handfuls of picture book plans that truly interest you and/or your target audience. Those will be the ones you put your heart into further drafting.

While I recognize there are gazillions of rules for formatting/structure based on age, genre, style, etc. in the publishing world, we’re going to keep it simple here:

1. Word count: 300-500 words. Seriously. Don’t go over.

2. Write only what the illustrator can’t illustrate. Allow room for their art (or yours if you’re illustrating your own stories) to bloom too.

3. Be kid friendly. More on that in Week 1

That’s it. Totally doable, right? Surely we text more than 300 words every day to our friends and family. This post is just over 300 words. This is doable.

I promise. If you dream of writing and/or illustrating children’s picture books, you can do this.

Every week, for the next 5 weeks, I’ll post prompts, writer/artist resources, things I’ve learned and am still learning through my own process. If you have more thoughts and resources, I’d love you to post them in the comments or contact me. I heart hearing from you.

And here we go.

Week 1--Week of Wonder

Week 2--Week of Why

Week 3--Week of Legends

Week 4--Week of Me 

Week 5--Week of Formats and Dummies

Bonus Week--Week of What Now?

List of Sources

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