Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Privileged Perspective, Etc.

What's that you say? It's Tuesday? *glances over at calander*

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Oh my, I was supposed to post this morning. I'd planned in my head all sorts of glorious things to write, about outlines and fairy tales and treasure hunts.  Maybe I'd throw in a troll or two.

But that would all take more time than I'm allowing myself this evening. Does it take anyone else out there at least an hour to create a blog post you're somewhat happy with? At least an hour, if not more...bah. It's all worth it, though, right? Right.

Well. Can I appease you this week with some poetry I created a couple years ago, and then let the suspense build all week for next Tuesday's post? It will include all the aforementioned things, and I'll try to add some other sniggly stuff to boot.

Meanwhile, here are some goodies to snack on:

Privileged Perspective

It's like when the lid falls on the ground,
but lands right-side up.

Glory, glory.

It's like when you know you were going ten over,
but the cop lets you off with a warning anyway.

Glory, glory.

It's like when the kid asks you how to make soap,
but you don't know how, cause you've never had to.
Because you're that privileged.


And we sing it.
But what do we do with it?


Owning Me

This mess is mine.
I will claim it.
I could plant something,
if only I could find a seed.

Not just any seed. That could prove dangerous
in this society.
Layers upon layers
of mess.
Just right now, though,
I could care less.
I've got a bigger picture in mind.
If I've got to swim through shit to get there,
any muck getting stuck on me will be fine.

Big, this confusion is big.
But my picture is bigger.
The hope, alone, gets me through.

Day by day,
eyes up and forward,
slowly wading is how I move.


For Elisha

Who has power over you
my friend?

The little one didn't get it,
and I don't have to guess why:
even though she's smaller than you,
she has more power than you.
She's not like you
and me.
She hasn't had to fight.

Even I don't get it -- not really.
Not like they did.

We are our mothers' daughters.
And we are all fodder
for our daughter's daughters.
I hope they won't need to get it
because they will already have it.
Meanwhile, you and I?
We will fight.

And for all of them, and for ourselves,
we will survive.

Moment of Magic today:

I love this part of the day.


  1. I started reading feeling a little cheated, missed you all week and then you tempt me with fairy tales and the like, tut.

    Then I carried on reading and went very quiet and contemplative. Then I listened to the track you posted and maybe a little tear escaped!

    You hit the nail on the head with how I feel today. How do you do that???

    I will try and wait patiently till next Tuesday but I can't promise anything ;-) and yes it takes me over an hour that is why I usually end up posting in the early hours of the morning!

    1. Happy little tears, I hope? How do I hit the nail on the head, as far as how you feel today? I would ask the same of you, because you seem to have said gift too.

  2. Thanks for the snacks! Delicious.

    1. Not as good as Dill and Sea Salt Triscuits, mind you...

  3. Oh, your delicious poems. I read them each and thought "That's my favorite" each time. Thanks for sending them out here for us to enjoy.

    And yes, I do sometimes need an hour (and more) to be happy with a post. Probably it's easy to tell the ones where I don't have that kind of time.

    Thank you for my three new favorite poems. I will likely visit them again and again.

    1. Thanks for loving them, and no, it's not at all easy to tell the ones where you don't have that kind of time. I'm not going to admit to being jealous...not out loud, anyway :)

  4. LOVE your poetry! Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Love that you love it, Jewels. Thanks for popping in and telling me.

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  6. Regarding the taking an hour (or more): my drafts folder is full of partially written, long since abandoned (sort of) posts that took me way more than an hour to NOT finish, if you know what I mean. ;)

    And rest assured, your poetry is more than merely appeasing.


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