Friday, June 1, 2012

Things I love

Two blogs I love are The Mommy Rant and Shouldn’t Life Be More Than This?

I also love tag. They have both tagged me, though in a less traditional manner...

link to original here

These are Joanne’s questions:

1. Why did you start a blog? Easiest way to answer this is simply refer you here

2. What have you learned about yourself from blogging? I’m really good at starting things, but have a hard time buckling down for the follow-through. Generally I need a reason to remind me of why I should buckle down otherwise my self-doubt, my fear, or my to-do list will win over.

3. How do you blog and still get things done around your house? Things actually fall apart a little bit when I over-do the blogging thing. That’s something else I’ve learned about myself from this.

4. Why is blogging better than Facebook? Because there are fairies hiding in the background of my blog. Do you see them? They tend to shy away from Facebook.

5. What is the last book you read? Deadlocked, the newest Sookie book out by Charlaine Harris.

6. What is the last live performance you saw? Hubs struggling to fix his scooter in the garage. Oh. Well it was both live and entertaining, so.

7. What is your favorite children's book? Sam and the Firefly by P.D. Eastman.

link to original here
8. What is your favorite typeface? I am sans favorite with this question.

9. Would you ever put your cat on a leash? I am also currently sans cat, though I did try putting my previous cat on a leash and it wasn’t her favorite thing. I didn’t try it twice.

10. Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
Zooey Deschanel, but mostly because of her role in Eulogy.

11. Love the tourists or can't wait for them to leave? Love watching them watching me. Mostly love them, until the streets get clogged and it’s faster to walk than drive. I hate that.

link to original here

Now for a.eye’s questions:

1. Soy milk or regular milk? Almond.

2. Favorite sport to watch? Why? Honestly I’m not a big sport enthusiast unless I know someone who’s playing. Then I’m one of those somewhat embarrassing die-hards that you don’t really want to sit by.

3. Sitcoms or reality television? I don’t have a T.V. I sort-of keep up with a couple of shows on Hulu, namely Whitney and America’s Got Talent, but I’m not sure if this counts.

4. Laptop or tablet? Why? I’m old-school, I guess. I’ve got the gargantuan desk-top-thing that takes up a couple of tables to accommodate. If I had my druthers, though, I suppose I’d go laptop? Because it has the word “lap” in it, which reminds me of comfortable times and happy moments.

5. Which person has influenced your life the most? Hubs. Hands down. 

Yes, that's a cardboard gauntlet. Wuh-bam!

6. Which would you most hate to be without, television, computer, or cell phone? Computer. You can do the T.V. and phone thing on computers. Is that cheating?

7. Which would you hate to be without, your hair or a body shape you liked? My hair. I’ve gone through multiple body shapes, some I liked more than others. I’m mostly over the body shape thing, but I very much like my hair.

8. Where would you rather live, high-rise or suburbs? Why? This is tricky because I would prefer the city, the bustle and noise, the color, the uniqueness of individuals pushing through their days. But with and for my children, I would rather live in the burbs. At least until they grow up a little. In my head the idea of suburbs just seems safer for two small busy boys.


Right. That was only eight questions instead of eleven, but that's all a.eye gave me (thanks *winks*) Are you still with me? I love it. Do we need an intermission?

Next. Eleven things you maybe don’t know about me that I love:

1. I love mugs. I prefer this mode of delivering food/drink to my mouth over any other.

2. I love being vegetarian. Quorn products are my favorite substitute. Yum.

3. I have an extraordinarily bad sense of smell, so I love strong spicy foods/drinks because I can taste them better.

4. I love grocery shopping. It’s a little bit ridiculous.

5. I love mini things. They always make me do a double-take and my heart goes into my throat, making me giggle. That gets a little bit ridiculous too, depending on who I’m with. 

6. I love lanterns. Someday I’d like to have a room full of them – all sorts of sizes, styles, and colors.

link to original here
7. I love red appliances, though red isn’t my favorite color.

8. Somewhere between a dark green and blue is my favorite color. I love the depth of that visual.

9. I love to travel, but I get motion-sick really easily so I usually have a piece of candy or some gum on me to help settle my stomach.

10. I love making faces at my little boys so they will make even better faces back. They always win the face-game. They got it from Hubs, obviously.

11. I love my hands. The texture of the skin, the bumps from scars, the knobby knuckles, the calluses. I love how other hands interlink with mine, and it makes everything seem that much lighter.

Okay, okay, enough of me. Are we done with Deb yet? Good.

Last. Instead of tagging 11 other blogs I love, I'll say if you're reading this and you want to play along? Tag. You're it. 

Here are the rules:

*** You just have to tell 11 things about yourself, answer "my" questions, and then tag 11 other bloggers to do the same.  Then post a link to your post in the comments here so we can all see your answers. ***

But instead of making this post longer than it already is, just choose 11 from any of the questions posed to me by Joanne or a.eye. Simple. And thanks for playing along.

Moment of Magic today:

Your fairy tale this weekend is this (of course) --

Go see it and tell me what you think. Thumbs up or down? How many tomatoes? Is it five stars? Give me your best review. That will be my magic moment.


  1. Love your responses and learning about you! Also love the pic of your husband and that you were clever enough to think up your answer to my #6... I actually thought of that after writing the question, but didn't want to change it. And I love how you made the game opened to all!!

    Thanks for playing!

    1. Oh, good! Number 6 was clever, not cheating. Phew. Thanks for the tag and for coming back to see what I had to say. It's so fun to share, and to learn about other people in the process. Fabulous, fabulous.

  2. Oh, I love lanterns too. I want enough space so that I can fill it with lanterns and they won't just be in the way. What is it about muted, flickering light? Mini lanterns? I die.

    I'm off to check out Quorn now. I'm intrigued.

    I usually don't get into the whole meme thing, but this game of tag is so much fun and there's very little sweating involved.

    1. Mini lanterns...a room full of them...I can't get the picture out of my head now, and it's lovely.

      As for this game of tag? I definitely finished off sweating. Heh. You must be in a little better shape than I am ;) Thank heaven for the after-game, when you get to just sit back with your favorite beverage and look around at what other people did with the challenge, eh?

    2. Ladies, I think heaven might be a room paved with Susanne's flattened pennies and lit by Deb's lanterns...xo

  3. Love this post!! Heth

    1. And I love you! Thanks for reading and I very much hope you realize you're connected to a good number of these things...almond milk, grocery shopping, spicy foods, knowing I could do the phone-thing on the computer...should I go on?

  4. I can't get the image of a cat on a leash out of my head. hehe
    I really want to see Snow White and the Huntsman!
    (your random stuff is much more interesting than mine would be!)

    1. Puh-sha. I know for a fact, from one car ride and a short writerly morning with you, that you've got all sorts of great random things stuffed up your sleeves. Here are a few to get you started (cause maybe you just didn't realize how very interesting you are...):

      1. You have a young-sounding voice, with a subtle bubbling undertone of happy.
      2. You drive a zippy car. You drive zippily in your zippy car.
      3. You can keep a conversation going whether it's about shih tzu's, family drama, or ladders.
      4. You have very good manners.
      5. You are a passenger by preference, but are willing to drive if the other floozy in the car doesn't want to.
      6. You're willing to step up when no one else is or wants to be first.
      7. Either you don't get nervous easily, or you're really good at hiding it.
      8. You work hard at what you love, and you don't give up on your dreams.
      9. You forgive deep pains, even from people you love the most (which for me is the hardest kind of forgiveness).
      10. You don't mind the sound of jets flying over your house [insert number here] times a day.

      ...and that's just for starters :)

    2. Well, my list for you would start with how observant you are. Wow. You make me blush. I'm writing these in my journal!
      (I get very nervous, guess I hide it well.)

  5. I loved reading this. Here are my answers: As far as Snow White and the Huntsman unfortunately I cannot see it. I employ a broad-based boycott of Kristen Stewart due to some horrible remarks she made. Maybe someday you will tell me how it was instead. :)

    1. Loved that you played cause I loved reading your answers. Very thoughtful, and I like getting to know you a little better. Thanks for playing.

      Kristen Stewart. Yes, I've heard a number of back-and-forth things about her. I mainly fell in love with her as an actress when I saw her in Speak, but I certainly don't expect everyone to feel the same as I do. I totally respect your boycott.

      As for fairy tales...the stars mysteriously aligned tonight, so we were able to go see Snow White and the Huntsman much sooner than I thought. I didn't foresee being able to go for a month or so (just hard to find babysitters and extra funds all at the same time), so on that premiss alone, I loved it. And of course I'd love to tell you how it was instead :)

  6. FUN. So cool. I love the face game, bet you and your boys play it well. You have gorgeous hair. I too LOVE grocery shopping. And I feel like a well stocked kitchen is paradise. And yes, I see the fairies here on your blog. xo Will be posting mine later today, what fun!!

    1. I'm off to find your you have an easy link?

  7. It's been fun popping around to all the tag players and seeing little bits and pieces of the inner workings of everyone's brains. :)

    I never really thought much about lanterns until you said lanterns and then it was "Ooooooh, lanterns." There are definitely some cool lanterns out there.

    Regarding your love of your hands--I am mostly apathetic about my own hands, but have a very, very weird attraction to Julia Louis-Dreyfus's hands. There is something so compact and tidy about them. I have a hard time watching her in anything because I am constantly distracted by her amazing hands. I covet them--though they would look pretty damned strange on the ends of MY arms.

    1. So fun, huh? Loved it. Loved all the comments people shared with each other too -- that just added to the depth and intrigue :)

  8. Mini things, lanterns and your observations of others ;-) Loved it all.

    And if I didn't already want to see Snow White and the Huntsman (which I really do!) now I can't wait to go. Unfortunately my stars aren't aligning and it is looking like a DVD viewing :-( - Please no spoliers, I won't even watch the trailer!!!!

    1. No spoilers. Deal. And good for you for not even watching the trailer! That is true devotion to a story.

    2. Or just a serious lack of time!! Was it good? or is it just a distant memory??

    3. Not even close to a distant memory, and yes of course it was good...oh, I'm so tempted to say things but oh, I know they'd be spoilers. *zipping my lips*


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