Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Initial Plans and Prologue

Dear Potential Reader,

I'm getting into writing again and I plan to make this blogged story my daily practice -- it'll be one my readers can have a say in (all hail "Choose Your Own Adventure" books), that's very unpolished since I'm pumping it out on the fly (and most likely written somewhere around 4:30 in the morning being that that's one of the only times I can do it), but it'll hopefully grow a healthy life of it's own as I hear feedback from you and I get in the habit of writing and writing and writing...

Here's how it'll work:

1. I write a few paragraphs about the main character, Aimee, and then present a decision she has to make.

2. You read that day's excerpt and then vote for what decision she makes in a comment to that post. I'll need your vote by midnight so I can plan and write accordingly for the next day's post.

3. The plot continues in a few more paragraphs based on the winning votes made by you, my readers.

In return for your feedback I promise to always:

1. Keep my posts short enough you can read them and vote quickly.

2. Try to make my story interesting enough you want to return and have a say in how the story progresses.

3. Respect what you have to say and incorporate it when and if I can.

These are my Initial Plans. 

**Update: It may be obvious, now, that though people are viewing the story they stopped voting a couple of posts in, so I'm continuing the story sans the "choose your own adventure" angle. But I still very much appreciate your input and feedback. Please read, enjoy (or not), and give me your thoughts at will. 


Here's my Prologue, and what little back story I'm willing to give (alluding to the fact that yes, there's more back story -- I'm not writing entirely blind -- and that I do have a general direction I want the story to take, but you will be the ones deciding how it goes there):

Aimee is indistinguishable from any other girl walking down the street in  jeans and a loose gray-green jacket, perfect for the turning weather of autumn, and she likes it that way. When she wears her long, curling blond hair down, people look once, then they look again with their eyes slightly squinting as if they're trying to place her in their memories. So she wears it up and tied back tight to make it look straight.

She's neither old nor young; she's not tall or short; she's closer to the high end of her BMI but that just makes her look curvy rather than lanky. She's never been rich, yet she always keeps enough change in her pocket to grab a quick coffee on the way to work in the morning -- a desk job she hates, but pays enough to keep her from looking elsewhere.

Which is barely enough to make rent in the city she lives in, a pretty big place with lots of smaller sprawling cities around it, but is far from being one of those huge, swallowing metropolises. She has a tight group of friends that all live relatively close. Some of her family are near too, while others live farther away. She has only sisters, of which she gets along with about half.

She's been in love many times, but isn't currently in a relationship with anyone. The last guy she dated left her for the fourth girl he cheated with. Aimee would have forgiven him again, but he'd needed something more. Someone more. More brunette? "It's not you, Babe, it's me. I'm just screwed up." His razor is still in her bathroom.

Now she has to make a decision, though. She has to leave town in a hurry, and doesn't have time to pack. She has a couple of purses -- more like overgrown bags with junk and random receipts littering the little pockets -- one of which she has to throw over her shoulder and run out the door with, hoping desperately it'll have some of the stuff she needs. She doesn't have time to check the contents.

Does she grab the red, wrinkled leather one that most likely has her wallet and cell phone?


Does she grab the green one that matches her jacket and hopefully has all the contact information both for herself and her friends and family, and a keyring credit card clipped inside?


  1. Love this idea Deb. I hope people participate and it gives you the drive you want/need to write daily. Fun fun fun.

    I'm going with the red wrinkled leather. I have to say it seemed like such an easy choice and yet it wasn't. Enjoying this already.

    Thanks for including me!

  2. What a brilliant idea. I know I'm late but I would choose the red bag with the phone and wallet. I can't wait to read more. Heth

  3. If the red is a dried up blood red she should take it but if its a rich red that makes your eyes hurt just to look at it i really dont think she should take it.
    and she shouldn't take the green one at all.
    And yes i know I'm scary late but i just wanted to say it.

  4. Heh :) Late or no, I love the comments. Thanks -- you helped me look at the post in a little different light which may change things later. *thinking, thinking*


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