Friday, May 7, 2021

Mindful May: Plus Some Fairytale Friday

Hello Everyone! Fairytale Fridays are an old tradition around here. Let's gently bring them back by mixing them with some mindfulness of Neil Gaiman and his look on how fairytales can play a part in our hearts: 

Link to Original Here

We're finally to Friday, my friends, and maybe this week has brought you up face to face with some dragons. I hope you were able to beat them. If you're not done fighting yet, I hope you're at least able to take a break and breathe this weekend. And I hope some little pockets of this week's mindfulness--using our senses to lean into our happiness, stretching and learning to be flexible in our head space, pausing to taste and listen and feel without judgement, laughing at little moments of joy--hopefully some of this helps you through. 


  1. I love this quote. One - dragons. Two - fairy tales and three - this is helpful this week!

    1. Yes, to all your reasons. Yes, to you and your lovely thoughts. Thank you for being part of my heart.


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