Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mindful May: Happy Birthday!

Hello Everyone! Today, Omega turns five. It's official. He's gone around the sun five times. Five things I love about him are:

1. The way he tilts his head just so, when I ask if I can give him a kiss, so I end up smooching him on his crown.

2. The way he cuddles without question or reserve. Even when he's mad, or distracted, or has other things to do. A quick cuddle, then off running again. 

3. The way he speaks with such confidence, like his heart is talking through his mouth, and his eyes confirm every word. 

4. The way bugs are endless entertainment. And plants. And the world in general. Except broccoli. The only thing entertaining about broccoli is how it bounces on the ground. 

5. The way he loves his siblings. He's fierce for them, and with them, and he knows he's an integral part of us. He has no doubt about the most important things. 

He wants a scorpion birthday, this year. I shudder. He's like, "Yuuuuus!" So here's our compromise (do you think scorpions ever smile? Double-shudder):  

For our quest on mindfulness today, I bring you Nancy Tillman's On the Night You Were Born. Have you read it too? It's one of our favorite birthday books because it uses imagination and sensory details to engage in celebration of individuals and how special each of us are. 

I hope you enjoy this rendition, or if you have the book you read it again with someone you adore, and that you know that--even if it's not your birthday today--you are loved: 

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