Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hummy Putterings

When I'm especially happy, I like to sing hummy little songs and putter. Sleepy Joe very much helps me be happy, so this post is my hummy jingle and my fingers are pittering and puttering because of her. Many thanks for nominating me for:

I love these things. I love that, unlike social gatherings of most kinds, the rules are clearly laid out and relatively straight forward. Here they are:

1. I need to nominate 15 blogs for this award.
2. I have to answer 10 questions that have been posed by the person who nominated me.
3. I have to ask 10 questions of those I nominate. So here we go...

Fulfillment of Rule One:

If you’re reading this and you want to play along, I appreciate you as a reader, so consider yourself officially nominated. If you answer my questions** I’d love to come visit and see what you say, so leave a link in the comments and I'll come find you.

Fulfillment of Rule Two:

1. Who is your favorite band or singer or song?

All-time top is Ani Difranco. MAK, my first roommate back in college, introduced me to her music and I remember laying on our respective beds, hands behind my head, eyes closed, feeling the lyrics from her mixed tape to my very bone. Ani’s music is part of pretty much every big event in my life since then. If I’m not able to mention her, because I mention her maybe too much? My second go-to singer is Enya. Third is the XX.

2. Describe yourself as the main character in your own fairytale.

I keep trying to do this one but with all the positive and negative voices going at each other in my mind, it’s becoming more of a battle than a descriptive fairytale piece. So we’ll just say, “Once upon a time, there was a seed…”

3. If you have a nickname, what is it and how did you come by it? If not what would you like your nick name to be and why?

‘Debz’ – my brother called me this when I was little, and it’s stuck ever since. I’ve adapted it to the more widely used ‘Deb’ for simplicity’s sake because I got tired of people leaning forward, tilting their heads at me and saying, “Whazat?” even after I’d said it two or three times.

4. What is your favorite word?

Depends on the day, the time, who I'm around, whether or not I've stubbed my toe. This word was my honest first thought:

5. Who are your favorite literary couple?

Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Oh how I love their story. I was reflecting on them recently, in fact, and thinking about how funny it is that a certain part of our brains think of our favorite characters as real (or is this just me?). If Lizzy were to knock on my door this afternoon during naptime I wouldn’t at all be surprised. I’d turn on the kettle and ask her what kind of tea she preferred. “Cream and sugar?” Of course I keep both just in case.

6. What is your favorite Poem?

I’m somewhat sad to admit how little I know about poetry. Someday I hope to be able to drink poems and wine, and know how to taste the nuances. To swirl them in a crystal goblet and be a connoisseur. Until then, I’m going to say either e. e. cummings’ “i carry your heart with me,” or Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.”

7. Do you like having someone play with your hair?

Oh, how I preen and melt at the very thought.

8. What is your greatest ambition?

To be a really good mama. Embedded into that thought is 'to be a published writer,' because it's is my long-time dream and I want to teach my children to follow, and then work hard to accomplish, their dreams. No matter how big or small they may seem.

9. If you have time alone, where do you go to feel at peace?

Sometimes I feel like my only 'safe-zone' is in my bathroom, huddled on the floor, while little children pound on the other side of the door and shove toys through the slot underneath. But that's not my preferred place to find peace. When I can, I head to the trees.

10. What is your favorite film?

Hard to narrow it down to just one. My favorite three? City of Joy, Braveheart (edited, because I can’t handle the gore), and Sliding Doors. That last one I might interchange with Underworld, depending on what phase the moon is in.

**Fulfillment of Rule Three:

1. French Fries or French Toast?
2. What are your thoughts about ‘Time’?
3. Have you ever been motion sick?
4. Would you ever get a tattoo and if so, where would you put it?
5. Do you read magazines while standing in line at the grocery store and if so, which ones?
6. What are five things you keep in the drawer closest to where you’re sitting right now?
7. Have you ever sent/received a message in a bottle?
8. It’s funny to skip questions – do you agree or disagree?
10. When is it appropriate to bite someone?


  1. Love sliding doors, the ee cummings poem is beautiful, I love that you would be a seed (what a great start to a fairy tale).

    All in all your answers were superb ;-) Thanks for joining in.

    Oh and *wicked laugh* http://sleepyjoes.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/touche.html

    1. Haha! Right on cue with the 'superb' thing. And I loved your touche. Thanks for playing back.

  2. Love the answers. :) Especially number 8, I do believe we share the same ambition. :)

  3. its my safe zone too...we are moving, found out my new tub is going to be PINK!!!!!!!! hehe my husband decided he will take showers in this new abode...i say GET OVER IT Baybay LOLOL

    Its good to be up in your tree again

  4. I'm at home amongst the trees, too. The bathroom provides a nice enough haven, but there's nothing quite like trees.

    I might just take on your questions...I need bloggy inspiration these days and you've provided some. Thanks!

  5. Love your answers, Deb. Especially the toe stubbing part of question #4. ;)


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