Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flip-side of the White Cat

I have this cupboard in my kitchen where I collect a hodge-podge assortment of ads, pictures, and quotes I love. I used to wonder if this bothered Hubs, until he changed a quote to say:

“Going without is better than worrying about how to pay for luxury warrior items you don’t need.”

Okay. No longer worried. If he personalizes the cupboard with warrior allusions, it’s the equivalent of putting his stamp of approval on the whole thing, right?

So here’s another piece I put up there:

[Is it fiction? Heh.]

This is especially relevant right now, because if you’ll remember from this post, I’m a little bit superstitious. Just enough to make me quirky, eh? 

Everyone loves a little quirk. 

In my head I continue this by saying, “Everyone loves a little quirk in their jerk.” 

And by ‘jerk’ do I mean, A) “a quick, sharp pull, thrust, twist, throw, or the like; a sudden movement: The train started with a jerk;” or B) “A contemptibly naive, fatuous, foolish, or inconsequential person;” or C) “Meat, especially beef, that has been cut in strips and preserved by drying in the sun; jerked  meat.”? You decide. (Those quotes, by the way, are from dictionary.com, but I have no idea how to cite them in this moment and I don’t want to go look it up. So. Are we done yet with how my head has continued this?)

Right, so the black cat thing is relevant right now because last Monday I was cooling off and walking home pre-dawn from my run, when a cat walked across my path. Straight across, and I paused to watch it. This wasn’t a black cat, though, it was pure white. Not a spot of color on it.

Again in my head I thought, “What the…if a black cat walking across my path is supposedly bad luck, what’s a white cat walking across my path? Really good luck?”

*Cue giddy feeling in gut*

But things aren’t always so black and white. In fact, hardly ever is it that way, and yet it's strange how we seem to think so much in extremes. If it’s not one side of the spectrum, it’s the other. Things we perceive are good or evil. One candidate is wrong while the other is right. In my head I'm usually either failing or succeeding. But generally, life is lived somewhere in the middle.

So I saw White Cat Monday morning, and then Tuesday morning an unfortunate sequence of unrelated events kept my writing group from getting together. Bah.

And then Tuesday evening Beta fell down the last step on our stairs and couldn’t support weight on one of his legs. No good.

And then Wednesday we were in the hospital all day trying to figure out what was going on with Beta, because he didn’t seem like he was in pain at all, but he still couldn’t support his little baby weight. Double-no-good.

The week continued like this, until finally Sunday came around and we got to rest. Thank Heaven and Earth and the Faeries, and whoever else you give thanks to, for Sundays, huh? Literally.

Today there is peace in my heart, and I’m not sure if it’s because last week was so hard in comparison to the seemingly slow start of this week, or if it’s because I’m deciding to have a better attitude about all this stuff. Maybe both?

Probably both.

Today I am very grateful. 

I’ve decided I’m really glad White Cat crossed my path, because things could have generally gone a whole lot worse. What about y’all? Is there anything negative going on in your life right now that, if you figure out the flip-side, could actually be really positive?

Moment of Magic today:

October is winding to a close, as is my updated deadline. Go here to read the latest on that (as of last Monday, but I'm still keeping up).

And just cause y'all are fabulous, here's a little treat...


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad day! I wish I could have gotten up there.
    I had a stroke of good luck yesterday (or rather, one of those "tender mercies of the Lord" people talk about). I took Kairi to the doctor for her 4 month check up, and while we were there (but after the doctor had left the room, of course) Chaela mentioned that her ear was sore. So after Kai had her shots they called the Dr back in and it turned out Chaela had an ear infection! I'm so grateful that A) it's not going to get worse and B) that I don't have to drag three kids back to the doctor's office a week from now.
    Anyway, let's try hard to get together in November! And any time you're down in this area, let me know and we can do lunch or you can stop by or something!

    1. I love those tender mercies, or magic moments, or strokes of good luck. Love them. I'm so glad things aren't going to get worse and that you don't have to take all three of them back. I know when I was at the hospital with Beta I was all, "Ack! I'm tired! Can we go home yet?" I can't even imagine what it must be like with three. You are a superhero, but for real.

      Next month for sure, yes. And if plan A falls through again, I'm going to make y'all figure out a plan B with me. I need our writing group like I need chocolate. It get's a little bit desperate when I have to go without.

  2. Also, that thing about white cats is super interesting. That might be a cool little nugget to add to a story someday!

    1. You should! I want to read whatever you come up with...coming from you, it's bound to be captivating.

  3. :-( Hun, I hate this pond!!! I so wish I was nearer to be there and lighten the load on the weeks like this that turn to mush. You know I am only the other end of the virtual world should my ramblings prove helpful ;-) Maybe we should get Beta some angel wings!!

    As usual the only negative happenings in my life are all internal :-/ The battle rages, no matter how much fan mail I get I don't think I will push past this any time soon!!

    ((((((big hugs)))))

    1. Your ramblings prove more helpful than you can ever know. As for the fan mail...it may not fix things completely, but hopefully it helps you push through a little at a time? Not necessarily any time soon, but little by little...?

      That is my hope, anyway.

      Thanks for the big hugs. Right back atcha.

    2. Little by little ;-)

      Oh and you have a Reader Appreciation award!!


  4. Thumbs down on all of the doctor visits! But, I agree with Caitlynn that it was a blessing to not have to make two trips. As for Beta, that same thing happened to my niece. After a week or so, she was fine. Hopefully, Beta will be, too.
    My negative has to do with the stupid job search I'm on. The positive is that I haven't found one yet, and get to spend the four-day weekend with my husband and ALL of my kids.
    Let's plan the next group and I'll make it if I can and if I don't have a job. :0(

    1. And, I love the quote about doing without.

    2. I love the encouragement, Jewels. Thank you. Beta is absolutely awesome...he's doing great. I'll have to tell you the details (there's an interesting twist) when we meet up for the next group. If you have a job, we'll plan around what you can do, eh? Not meeting up officially put me in a bad mood for way too long.

      The quote is a jem, eh? Especially with Hub's edit. Lol.

  5. Glad things got better after the horrors following the cat sighting.

    I think there are always things that we see/experience that can be seen the other way. Earlier this year, I did an experiment where I stopped complaining for a certain number of days (I think it was 30). What a difference. I had to look at things from the 'brighter' side otherwise I would complain about them. It was refreshing.


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