Monday, November 7, 2022

Mindful Monday: Learning 2 Breathe--Emotions

Happy Mindful Monday, everyone. Today we return to L2B.

B: Through this program we’ve explored the idea of learning to listen to our Bodies and the practice of doing mindful body scans. For a review of this theme, go here (Oct 3) and here (Oct 10).

R: We’ve also explored the idea of Reflecting on our thoughts. To reflect on them more objectively—thoughts are just thoughts—and to replace them, when needed, with more helpful and/or productive thoughts. Spots, affirmations, positive thinking. There are so many tools available to help us reorganize our brains. For a review of this theme, go here (Oct 17) and here (Oct 24).

E: Now, we’re going to take the two previous explorations and apply them when looking at our Emotions. A short mindfulness practice we can do daily is simply this—

·       To begin noticing our thoughts, the emotions that go along with them, and where we feel these physical sensations in our bodies as they arise throughout the day.

·       Practice being kind to ourselves when uncomfortable feelings come up. Don’t try to push them away, but rather pay attention to how and where they show up in our bodies.

·       We can view the strong emotions (anger, frustration, sadness, boredom, jealousy, etc.) as strong energy in our bodies and minds.

·       Then, as we breathe and find calm, redirect our thoughts to more positive/productive thoughts, we can ride the waves of those emotions as they get smaller and smaller.

Thoughts are just thoughts and emotions are just emotions. We can choose to act on them, or we can choose to act in other ways. Ways that are truer to who we feel we are at our cores. Whatever you choose, my friends, I hope it brings you more joy and peace and love as you move more mindfully into this week.


*If you’d like a way to put more mindfulness into practice, this holiday season, consider getting one of these Holiday Thrive journals I’ve put together. They are self-care guides to help you not just survive the stresses of the holidays, but thrive through them.

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