Monday, October 10, 2022

Mindful Monday: Body Scans and Grocery Stores

Hello again, my friends, and happy Mindful Monday! Last week we did some body scan practices and that was nice, right? Nice to slow down, breathe, pay attention to sensations and feelings in our bodies. So, let’s do some more. Here’s a short exercise you can do anywhere:

With headphones on, I’m able to do this while stuck in traffic or strolling through the grocery store. At the doctor’s office. Walking down the street, observing my surroundings and taking a moment to be grateful for the magic details: the turning colors of autumn leaves; the way the dog across the street bounces as it walks with its owner; the angel medallion embedded into the cement of the sidewalk.

In the crazy rush of this world, I hope slowing down and being present in your body is helpful for you. I hope it gives you a moment of calm, and the ability to breathe, then continue on. Most of all, I wish you peace and love as you move more mindfully into this week.

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