Monday, October 3, 2022

Mindful Monday: Learning 2 Breathe--Body

Happy Mindful Monday, my friends! Today we’re living through two more doctor appointments for Hubs. Living is the key word, here. I’m so grateful Hubs is still alive, pushing through all this illness stuff. I’m grateful for the doctors who’ve helped him and are still trying to help him.

Today we need mindfulness more than most days.

A sweet bit of synchronicity is that, this year, Davis Behavioral Health is working closely with our children’s school to teach the Learning to Breathe program which helps kids learn to focus, regulate emotions and/or feelings in their bodies, ways to be calm, etc.

So, while our family struggles with things that are hard to deal with, our kids are learning tools at school that can help them deal. And we, as parents, can learn along with them.

And I, as a person trying to learn and share brain-healthy tools, can include some of these resources in my Mindful Mondays.

Today, then, we start with Body—Listening to our bodies. Learning to pay attention to, and be aware of what’s happening in different areas of our bodies. If you click on the ‘B’ in this link, it will open multiple options of audio recordings leading you through guided mindfulness practices that help you check in with your body or help you with mindful breathing.

original link

As you recognize each part of your body, maybe being grateful for the things your feet, your elbows, your neck allow you to do, I hope this brings you peace. Even if just for the moment.

I’m grateful for Hubs’ feet and elbows and neck. I’m grateful he’s alive, and that I’m alive, and our goobers are alive, and you—my friends and readers—are alive. I wish you peace and love as you move more mindfully into this week.

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