Monday, October 24, 2022

Mindful Monday: Power of Thoughts


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Happy Mindful Monday, people of the world. Here we are again. Let’s reflect on the power of thoughts again.

Years ago, one of my good friends introduced me to RecoveryInternational. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, baby. This is wonderful stuff. I’m not going to go into depth, here, but if you want tools to identify and change your thought processes and patterns, look into cognitive behavioral training (or retraining?).

I bring up Recovery International specifically because they incorporate these things called ‘Spots’ that help you replace the negative or unhealthy thoughts and feelings with more useful and positive thoughts or feelings. Phrases you can use to remind yourself in the moment, or on the spot, that will support your mental health and wellbeing.

Some examples include:

“Any decision will steady you.” –for those moments you just don’t know what to do, and emotions can well up and even paralyze you. Making a decision will help you move forward, and any outcome becomes a learning opportunity.

“Fear is a belief—beliefs can be changed.” –oh, yes, I know this one well. I need to practice it almost daily. And then…

“Muscles can be commanded to do what one fears to do.” –right? So if I can’t wrap my brain around changing my fear-belief, and I still feel stuck, I can command my muscles. Refocus my attention. Do.

“Humor is our best friend, temper is our enemy.” –this is one of my favorites. I love this one. Humor can fix almost anything.

So, my friends, what are your thoughts about all this? About any of the above, or anything else that helps keep your brain boat afloat?

As always, I hope something in here helps you this morning, this evening, whenever you’re reading this. And I wish you peace and love as you move more mindfully into this week.

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