Monday, October 17, 2022

Mindful Monday: Learning 2 Breathe--Reflections

Happy Mindful Monday, everyone! Do you ever have negative thoughts? Destructive things you tell yourself, or just pop up in your mind? Maybe you pick on yourself in ways you’d never do to others. Or maybe you’re just confused. Too many options to choose from. Too much, too much, it’s all too much.

I do.

Big breath, right?

Thoughts are just thoughts.

If you click on the ‘R’ in this link, it'll take you to a guided meditation on how to work with these thoughts. Mindfulness of thoughts, and mindfulness of thinking, incorporating awareness of breath into working through them.

And clicking on the ‘Theme: R’ in the Tips to Take Away section of the same link will bring you to a page that looks like this: 

original link

Reflect on these four points, people. How sweet is it to realize a thought is just a thought? The thought, alone, can’t actually harm you. You can let go of the anxiety or negativity surrounding that thought and empower yourself with a more positive and/or constructive thought instead.

We can do this, whatever ‘this’ may be. This moment, this day, this week is going to be okay, and we’re all going to be okay. I wish you peace and love as you move more mindfully into this week.

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