Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Is It?

This is the reason I write. One of the reasons, anyway:

Did you see it? See the moment? Watch it again, and then write down in the comments the [minute:second] where you saw it, and what you think it is. More on this next week, I just want to throw this little experiment out to the masses and hear what you think.


  1. There are so many it could be! Here is one guess. [6:18] because you can move people to action or to feel something.

  2. I'm torn it could be one of three for me but I really can't choose between two those those are the ones I'm putting on here as my guesses.

    [1:08] when his confidence of singing takes over, you see the change in him as her looks up at starts singing. Is writing like that for you? Where you feel centered?


    [2:08] when he smiles and it threatens to turn to a laugh, you can tell he is all out enjoying what he is doing. Is that why you can't stop writing?

    My third guess probably relates more to me than you I think in hindsight, somewhere around 2:58 with the lyrics.

    Good post Deb!!

    1. OK I can't take the torture any longer.....pleasssseeeeeeeeeeee tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The headache and backache are keeping me in a fog. All I could think was how pretty he is and how he reminds me of a young Jonny Depp. So, my vote is that he's an inspiration for great looking characters. =0)


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