Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food for Thought

First of all, let me start off by saying that regardless of the fact that I’m not very tall, I don’t have an overly-large truck. 

Does that suggest anything about me?

Now you might be tilting your head and looking at me suspiciously, saying, “Uh, Deb. You don’t have a truck, do you…?”

And I would say, “You’re right, I don’t. It’s just the same ol’ me.”

But if I did have a truck, I don’t think I’d be overly-concerned about its size. 

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I purposely didn’t carve our pumpkins last month because I thought we might try splitting them open, cleaning them out, and actually cooking them up this winter. My heart lurched into my throat this morning when I saw they were no longer sitting on our lowest step. 

Can you imagine me spinning in a circle and shaking my fist at the sky? Eyes cinched shut, howling at whoever the scoundrel was who kyped our pumpkins in the cold cover of night?

That’s what played itself through my mind as I just stood there, glowering at the spot where they’d been last evening. I thought it was far enough into the season they’d survived the onslaught of kids who laugh at stealing people’s pumpkins and smashing them in the street. 

But when I checked, there were no gourd guts splattered all over the road. 

There was, however, a garbage can pulled up to the curb. 

No. Hubs wouldn’t…

Yes. Apparently Hubs would.

I’m not one to pull things out of garbage cans, usually. But these were two gorgeous globes of orange and yummy goodness. How could I not retrieve them? How could I just leave them, I ask you?

And now they are washed, cut up, and turning golden in the oven. Oh, my. There is a divine smell of pumpkin in the background hovering, lovering the air, as only baked goods know how to do.

Which leads me to think about will o’ the wisps. Which leads me to think about turnips vs. pumpkins. Which leads me to think about trucks and the size of various things. Compensation, and all that. What are we compensating for? 

Maybe the better question is: Who are we compensating for?

If this is your food – your baked pumpkin slathered in butter and salt with a hint of sugar (or however you prefer to eat your squash) – what are your thoughts? I’d love to read them in the comments.

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  1. Oh, such questions so early on a Tuesday that acts like a Monday...
    First, I'm so glad you rescued your pumpkins. Whew. There must be at least one day of fall that the house is filled with the scent of roasting pumpkin. Mandatory.
    Second, compensation. Oh yes. I will have to think more fully about this in a bit, but I will say this in response to your question: who am I not compensating for?!

    1. You just did that, didn't you...took the question one step deeper into the dark. Well done, TangledLou. Now I will be all week trying to take apart the knots of your question too. I love it.

  2. My initial thought, hinkypunk is such a cool word (thanks for the links).

    My second thought, roasted pumpkin. Mmmmmm I can I come to yours for tea?? (if only huh!)

    Ok onto serious things...why are you making me think so much??....Compensation, I have known people that over-compensate for a variety of things. However, rarely in the traditional big things:small things. More a compensation for lost youth. I sometimes wonder if this is me; my cute pigtails, my Dr Martens, my sporty little cars, rock gigs?? Lets not dwell on my lost youth huh! The man that buys a prosche or a motor bike in middle age tends not to be compensating for anything that they are lacking other than youth.

    This is the first post in a while where I am not totally sure of where your mind is leading me and I do so love it when that happens ;-)

    1. Hinkypunk is definitely the better choice of words, and I love that that was your initial thought (where would any of us be if not for links, eh?)

      Tea is waiting for you, anytime you want to come. Yes. Cream? Sugar?

      As for your thoughts on over-compensating, yes. Your example fits exactly into where my mind was going. And then where do we go with all these thoughts from here?

  3. I can't believe you rescued them! Nice job.

    I can't say as I've ever had a turnip. That makes me small, doesn't it? I'll add it to the bucket list.

    1. Ha! I won't judge your turnip if you won't judge my truck. Or rather the lack of, for both of us.

  4. I am too tired for your smart-person thoughts tonight, Deb, but I hope your pumpkins were delicious!

    1. I think being vague is often mistaken for being smart, but really the person filling in the vague holes is intelligent. In essence, you and other readers are the smart ones, because you fill up the pockets of questions I leave with all this wisdom. Even when you're tired.

  5. One of my ex's friends was the master of "one-up-manship", whatever you had done he had done a trillion times better! You make chocolate chip cookies, he's built a life size version of Buckingham Palace out of gingerbread! Alot of what he said was pure waffle, there was never any evidence.

    I think I overcompensate for a lack of confidence by being rather mischievous...it makes me appear more sociable and outgoing than I am when really I'm just a giggling nervous mess.

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