Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Once Upon a Weekend

Once upon a recent weekend I was tightly wedged into the backseat between the overbearing car seats of a Niece and a Beta.

Whilst stuffed into that cranny, I googlied at their laughing little baby faces, manned a somewhat decent dialogue over the phone with Hubs, and texted Sister Older on another phone about our Prospective Plans for the day. 

Sister Oldest and Mutter were sitting in the front talking, driving, listening in on my conversation, suggesting things to say to Sister Older.

“Hang on,” I finally said to Hubs. “I can’t multitask. Let me finish this text really fast…”

Mutter laughed from the front, “I thought you were multitasking really well.”

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The truth is I can put up a good front. I can juggle for a short amount of time, but when I realize people think I’m doing fine while really things are falling apart? That’s when I need to say, “Hang on, I can’t multitask. Let me focus and finish this one task really fast…” 

So my break was awesome. It was hard, though at the same time rewarding. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to (are we surprised?) but I feel good about what I did accomplish. How’d my first deadline go? Are we golden to move on? Check in here to find out.

Some other “truths” I learned, and re-learned, about myself and my world while Unplugged:

Apples are really good for you. I know I’m a little obsessed with the fruit, but. They are. Here’s your proof. So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to incorporate a couple into my daily diet. There's a big clear bowl of various colors and kinds sitting on my counter now. Yum, because apples are direct vehicles to Nutella and peanut butter, right? What about you -- do you have an apple a day to keep the doctor away? 

Okay so here’s a little quirk: apparently I will buy foods that have some promise of an interesting fact or something funny printed on the packaging over foods that don’t. Do you do this? If you have to choose between an oatmeal packet that tells you about echoes, versus one that doesn’t, which would you prefer?

And did you know this? Mosquitoes need to harmonize – literally – to mate. One story is here, but the gist is this: the male’s wings beat faster (and therefore make a higher sound tone) than the female’s wings. She speeds her frequency, making minor adjustments here and there. He slows his wings down. When the sounds of their wings harmonize, they know they’re perfect for each other. Interesting. How do humans harmonize with their mates? Interesting, interesting.

I also learned that Sleepy Joe has a beautiful story for herfirst kiss, one that I sigh over happily and somewhat jealously.

I learned that Mrs. P has this amazing idea for what to dowith one of her kidneys after she’s done having children.

I learned that DR has this profound understanding of what déjà vu may or may not be.

I learned that a.eye and I have a similar experience with cold, which makes me retrospectively glad to have felt it, though in the moment I was anything but.

And I learned that my homework assignment is a little harder to complete in one sitting than I realized. I’m working on it here, with a goal to finish it up by next Tuesday. What’s the policy on late work?

Also. Nicole Pyles over at World of My Imagination awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger and big, happy, huggy thanks go to her for this. It’s a lovely award. The rules say I need to list seven things about myself people might be interested in, and then nominate seven other blogs I love.

But sometimes rules need to be broken. Lets kick some corners down, shall we?

First of all, a list of blogs I follow can be found here, and I love each one. I wish I could read and comment on them religiously. If you are on that list, and you are reading this, consider yourself officially nominated. Please know that I deeply appreciate your writing efforts and your thoughts, even if I don't get the chance to comment as much as I want to.

As for seven things? How about this – I’ll ask you seven things I might be interested in instead. Feel free to answer any or all of them:

1. As I said before, I’m not a good multitasker, so I’m going to narrow my focus down to one scheduled post per week instead of three. Of my featured weekly posts (Writing Thoughts, 300 Thursdays, or Fairy Tale Fridays), which do you get the most from? 

2. Why (in reference to question 1)?

3. What’s your favorite poem and/or picture?

4. Why (in reference to question 3)?

5. Do you believe in magic?

6. Why (in reference to question 5)?

7. Does question 5 bring a song to mind, and is the chorus now cycling through like a stuck record?

And in case your answer to question 7 was "no"...

Moment of Magic today:



  1. I don't have enough brain cells to actually answer questions not related to hotdogs, but I'm so happy to have made the list! (:

    1. I'm thinking it takes a whole lot of brain cells to answer questions related to hotdogs, actually, so. And then there's the part about how I follow your blog and I know for a fact that you write beautifully, are very insightful, and I love your wit. So.

  2. Welcome back!!

    I will answer a few of your questions again.

    1. I enjoy all of your posts, so I guess that doesn't help you figure out which to do for one post a week. Why? Because you are a good writer and have clever things to say.

    3. Can't narrow all of them down. Why? Because my brain is scattered.

    5. I used to, until I figured out that it is all illusions. Now, I try to figure out how it was done... though David Blaine often has me at a loss for words with his illusions.

    7. Yes.

    1. Yay! Thanks for the welcome back, a.eye :) I love it when you comment. Thanks so much for your kind words, too, and for your positive feedback. And for playing the question-answer game again :)

  3. Yay, you're back. I have missed you soooo.

    Where do I start on this post? I love it all!!

    Ok, mosquitoes, that is amazing and so beautiful. They have to harmonize to be together. I am sure us humans could learn a few things here.

    Funny things on packets - I haven't really thought about this, it does however make me laugh when I pick up a packet of nuts that says in big letters 'MAY CONTAIN NUTS' well I really hope that it does!!!

    China, you have been to China?!?!?!? I am jealous, so jealous!! Get digging I want to see. It is the one place on earth I have always dreamed of going!!

    I would be Friends with you, I hate being stuck in so I could go to you - both happy ;-)

    Your questions:
    1 Do I have to choose :-( If I really do it would be Fairy Tale Fridays but like a eye I want it all.
    2 You are an amazing writer, I love reading your posts and have had serious withdrawal while you have been gone!!!
    3 Favourite poem of the moment - Valentine by John Fuller
    4 because it is full of quirky little things that are love and lust all rolled into one.
    5 Magic, I believe in fairies, santa and the magic that we don't see.
    6 because to not belive would mean I have finally grown up and I never want to grow up!
    7 Magic makes me think of so many songs, too many to stick in my mind!

    Keep up with the writing, I can't wait to see what you have been working on!!

    1. Yayay for being back and receiving such happy comments! Thanks for all your thoughtful thoughts. I'm a hermit and you're a go-er? Yes, we'd both be very happy :)

      As for China...the two places I've dreamed of visiting/living are China and the UK. You've obviously got me on the UK part, so we're one-for-one. Ha!

      And as for question 1...maybe I'll focus on Fairy Tale Fridays, but pop in once in awhile with other pieces of writerly fun. I'll have to think on it.

      Thanks for the encouragement with keeping up on the writing. As for seeing what I'm working on... what's your email address?

  4. Hooray, you're back! I missed you. Here are my answers to your posed questions...

    1. As I said before, I’m not a good multitasker, so I’m going to narrow my focus down to one scheduled post per week instead of three. Of my featured weekly posts (Writing Thoughts, 300 Thursdays, or Fairy Tale Fridays), which do you get the most from? Fairy Tale Fridays

    2. Why (in reference to question 1)? I am actually so torn because I love to hear how your writing is going, but Fairy Tale Friday is so whimsical that it re-awakens the child in me. Something I definitely need more often. I also love your take on the Fairy Tales themselves as well.

    3. What’s your favorite poem and/or picture? My favorite poem is one of my own, but in an effort not to sound like an egomaniac douchenozzle my favorite poem right now would be this one http://allpoetry.com/poem/8479259-A_Father_To_His_Son-by-Carl_Sandburg

    4. Why (in reference to question 3)? I love the imagery, and the helplessness conveyed when a parent sees their child coming to a crossroads of life. What to tell them? How to impress upon them? It's beautiful.

    5. Do you believe in magic? Absolutely, but maybe not the same kind as other people.

    6. Why (in reference to question 5)? To sum it up as succinctly as I can--"With God all things are possible."

    7. Does question 5 bring a song to mind, and is the chorus now cycling through like a stuck record? No, not really. I do have a song in my head though, but it is unrelated to question 5. :)

    1. Thank you! I missed you too, DR. You live too far away now. If you still lived within a 10-mile radius of me, I'd swoop you up and take you to a movie with me this weekend.

      Thanks for the good, positive feedback too on the writing stuff. I love that the Fairy Tale Fridays helps the child in you wake up. You're right, we all need that a little more often.

      I'm headed over to check out the poem you linked, though I must say you've piqued my interest about the poem you wrote. Any chance I could convince you to share? I like your writing, and I promise I won't think you're a douchenozzle :)

  5. Since this piece was already on the web, I can share this one. The other is still too violently personal to share yet. This is called Fear, and it is hosted at the website for the End The Silence Campaign to address ending the silence surrounding sexual assault. The 2nd volume was just released. Anyway, here is the link...


  6. Replies
    1. Thank Kevin, is more like it. I've read your blog here and there and always wanted to know more. Finally someone got you to share, and I love it. Thanks for the tag. In no way am I sorry to have commented in the past :)


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