Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea Kettles Anyone?

I have a child wailing behind me, another one trying to walk up my leg, and my eye is twi-twi-twitching. I feel like all I can really do, right now, is talk about tea kettles.

I think they complete a kitchen. And they make writing easier. "How?" you ask me? I don't know how magic works -- it just does.

Whether you use it for tea, or hot chocolate (preferably with mini-marshmallows), or coffee, for ramen noodles, or what have you, they are the perfect vessel for heating water. Hands down.

I've always had a tea kettle, but over the last five years the bright red kettle that graced my range disappeared somewhere? Sad. Especially since I can't even pinpoint the exact moment it left -- did it go into the garbage? Did it got lost in one of our many moves? Did it pack up its bags to visit its Aunt Lucinda and decide not to return?

So I bought another one and everything feels a little bit better.

Try it. I dare you. 

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  1. So funny! The last time that I was at your house I noticed that your tea kettle was gone. My neighbor offered me a beautiful brass one & I only took it cause I was going to give it to you and now you've gone and got a new one before I could visit you again with my gift. I guess you really needed one since both of us thought about you not having one this week. I'm glad your stove is no longer bare. :) Heth

  2. The need was desperate, yes. Thanks for thinking of me, and now you get to have one too! Perfect.

  3. So true, a kettle completes a kitchen. It's our English side coming out yeah. A red kettle was one of the first things to be replaced when I got to Missouri. :)


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