Friday, January 13, 2012

Fairy Tale Friday: Leaping Beauty

Magic. Just the idea of letters creating words, and words creating images in our mind, which we can then weave together into more complex images and stories, is magical.

Entire alternate worlds and dimensions can be assembled within our brains? What the...

And history is rich with stories we build our own governments and systems on, constructing our present-day realities with the mortar of philosophical meaning. It's all just words, but obviously it's more.

This is a spiral of thought that could be never-ending, but then I fear I'd become boring -- which leads me into today's Fractured Fairy Tale

Of course Fridays are great days to give ode to fairytales and folktales (are you loving the alliteration?), so this will be a new tradition. What better story to start with than "Sleeping (erm Leaping?) Beauty."


Hours logged today: 2 & 1/2    Pages logged today: 3    Total pages logged today: 92

Moment of Magic today:

Broke through the block late last night -- great job, sleepyhead.

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