Thursday, January 12, 2012


And when all else fails, I find just following instinct -- perhaps one of the many carrots "Magic" dangles for us to putter after? -- helps. After I put up yesterday's sad, sad post, I bumbled about for a bit and found this blog:

Link to "How to be a Writer" blog

 Sally O'Reilly is both insightful and witty, and I found myself snorting in delighted surprise multiple times at her quips.

This was just what I needed at 2:33 in the early am, when nothing seemed to be pulling me out of my dark pity-rave.

 Even if you're not an aspiring writer, you should go see what she's saying. Here's a taste:

"'s very tempting to awfulize the old you in a bid to stake out new territory for the new one. But actually, writers (and humans, their close relations) are an on-going mess of perpetual imperfection."

You need to go read the rest of what she says about this here.

I'm also loving the fact that when I answered a knock on the door this morning, Heth the Magnanimous was there smiling back at me. Thanks for knowing me, Heth, and for coming without me having to ask-out-loud. You spoil my soul.

Such a good day.

I'm off to pay my due to habit -- only one page, tonight, but that's one page more than I'd have if I didn't write it, eh?    

Hours logged today: 1    Pages logged today: 1    Words logged today: unknown as of yet?

Moment of Magic today:


  1. I think there are so many things around to inspire us, we just have to open out eyes...heart...mind and we will be overwhelmed. Heth

    1. I couldn't have said it better.

    2. Very belated thanks for this! Great that you find my blog useful, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

      best wishes


    3. To say that I adore your blog is an understatement, Sally. Thanks for the comment, and I look forward to reading more of your posts too.


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