Deb Stats

September 2022 Stats:

  • Age—42 and counting. Rock on.
  • Relationship—Yes. In this moment, I’m tired and yet I can’t sleep, and it’s nearly 4 a.m. So, relationships? Yes to all the yes.
  •  In this Moment—Ha! I got ahead of myself. I’m tired. Did I say that? Oy, friends, yes. I’m tired. Last year was peaceful, for the most part (homeschooling, swimming everyday, lots of ramen noodle cups) vs. this year has been discordant (heartache, so much sickness, so much change). We are learning to change with the change, and that’s good. There’s a lot of good. In this moment, when I close my eyes and breathe, I feel enfolded within good.
  • Words Written—the last few months I’ve been unable to write much, due to circumstances. My heart hurts from not writing. I am in love with writing. So, words written? Never, ever enough.

Noteworthy Changes Again (because Beta says so, again):

  • There’s a cat now, a beloved cat, a Bella. Found on Christmas Eve, she’s a rescue pet, the vet says maybe age three? She’s a shadow ninja on the stairs, a sweet nanny to the littles, the purrfect cuddle creature when she wants to be—but only for a moment. And then *swoosh* back to shadow ninja. 

May 2021 Stats:
  • Age – I'm 40 now, darlings, yes. Right? I'm actually loving four-zero. I might be willing to do this four-ever.  
  • Relationship – Still madness and loveness and loving all this madness. We're all Cheshire Cats here. Big grin. 
  • In this Moment – I'm working again, my creative brain is back here again. Fun. Funk. Flux. Functioning. Funking and fluctuating and wallowing and waddling, working forward. There are all these thoughts. They've got to go somewhere, right? Yes, darlings. Right. 
  • Words Written – Oh, my goodness. Speaking of wallowing: "(chiefly of large mammals) roll about or lie relaxed in mud or water, especially to keep cool, avoid biting insects, or spread scent." This is the exact image of me. Wallowing in words. Gotta keep cool and avoid bites, right? And spread scent. Obviously.
Noteworthy Changes in My Stats (Beta says I need to update these, and One does not contend with Beta):
1. There's another child, a last child, an Omega. He's four, turning five. Watch out, his cuteness factor is over the top. I die from it at least once a day. 
2. Our family has upgraded from vegetarian to vegan. It's one of my favorite things ever. 
3. We love to play GW2. "Is that the 'royal-we'?" you ask. Um. Sometimes. But, actually, Alpha and Beta are awesome and I benefit from their prowess. They do all the hard stuff, and when I get stuck somewhere they save me. 
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January 2016 Stats: 
  • Age – It happened. The number clicked over and I'm 35. In reality, I have no idea what this means. In my head, I'm still flopping around somewhere between 16 and 58.  
  • Relationship – Madly in loveness as a wife, lovely in madness as a mother, and then all the other things plink-plunk into place somewhere else. Sometimes I go to the post office to send off mail--what am I then? 
  • In this Moment – I've been fingering through old files in this blog all day, so in this moment I'm soaking in a pool of peace. Hubs is crashed out on the floor in the other room, snoring softly. Goobers are crashing around downstairs in their room, supposed to be asleep, but you know. Bedtime sucks. I get it. 
  • Words Written – sufficient enough for now, not sufficient enough for tomorrow. 

February 2015 and the Deb Stats go like this: 
  • Age – Thirty-friggin-four years, can you believe it? I’ll be 35 this summer. This is neither old nor young, but somehow it’s unexpected. Like a jack-in-the-box: you’re surprised every time, but you just can’t stop turning the crank.  
  • Relationship – Most Hallmark cards would apply.
  • In this Moment – Powerpuff Girls keep running through my mind. They never get tired, do they, those girls. Curses!
  • Words Written – More than Deb of 2012, less than George R. R. Martin.

As of January 2014 the Deb Stats are: 
  • Age – 33 years
  • Relationship – Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, face in the crowd, number
  • In this Moment – Tired is my MO.
  • Words Written – A lot, but not enough. Never enough.

As of January 1, 2013 my Deb Stats are:
  • Age – 32 years
  • Relationship – Mama to Alpha, Beta, and currently incubating our Golden child (the Goobers). Wife to Hubs, daughter to Mutter and Papa, sister to the Guy and the Twins (Sister Older and Sister Oldest), and then things continue to spin out from there as invariably humans mate and create.
  • In this Moment – This time last year I recollect feeling like I was clawing my way up out of something dark and lonely. I am sitting in the same exact spot now as I was then, but my claws have retracted and I feel less like I’m frothing at the mouth and more like I’m…what? It’s not so much that things are more peaceful. It’s that I have faith this time around  things will fall into place regardless of the stresses. At least that’s how I feel in this moment. Tomorrow? Who knows.
  • Words Written – 83,080 (to compare with last January, this estimates at around 240 pages, give or take some depending on the format I use) and I'm over-the-top happy with the way everything's moved forward this past year. Rawr. Officially on to Book Two.

As of September 10, 2012 my Deb Stats are:
  • Age -- Officially 32 now. I'm two years behind my life-goal of having my first novel published. When I was younger I thought the age of 30 was it. The top. A person's just got to have everything figured out by then, right? Now I'm on this side of 30, I can definitely say that's not the case. And I can definitely be grateful two years behind my life-goal is at least better than ten years behind. 
  • Relationship -- No changes here (refer below to January of 2012).
  • In This Moment -- I'm hungry, though I just ate lunch a couple of hours ago. Beta is walking, now, his arms outstretched for balance, his chunky little legs pumping up and down to keep up with his upper-half. In this moment I'm thinking about how he throws his head back to laugh, and it's making my eyes crinkle. Alpha is awesome. He's chatting, chatting, chatting, as of late. If he doesn't have the vocabulary words yet to fill up his sentences, he'll make some up. He's almost three. What? I know. Still need to drink more water. My lips are chapped right now. Hubs is stressed about some changes at work, but good. I'm tired because I can't seem to make myself go to bed at night, but good. All things considered, I'm in a very happy pocket of my life, just now. 
  • Pages Written -- Ooof. So many. I'm trying not to overwhelm myself while going back through, so I'm not counting right now. I'm just taking it one chapter at a time. Roar! 

As of March 1, 2012 my Deb Stats are:
  • Age – Still doing the 31-thing
  • Relationship – Still doing all these things too (refer below to January of 2012).
  • In This Moment – My hair is again wrapped up in a towel, because I took a shower before I settled in front of the computer to write this evening, but I doubt it’s wet any longer. I’ve just been too lazy to pull it down, and the weight of the towel on top of my head is somewhat comforting. In my mind I imagine a cat sitting up there, curled up and purring, though I realize this is in no way realistic. And if it really were a cat sitting up there, I don’t think it would be comfortable whatsoever. I still need to drink more water. I’m still deficient in my ability (or willingness to care?) to dress with much semblance of coordination. Beta is nearly able to crawl now, though at the moment he and Alpha are snug bugs in their beds. Hubs is laughing over the phone with an old friend, layered up with multiple coats and scarves, an old hat, because he’s hunkering out in his preferred night domain: the man cave (aka the garage).
  •  Pages Written – 183, but that’s minus a chapter I didn’t have the ability, courage, or time to write wherein Angel and Ghost dance a magic dance; SoSo closes down shop for the first time in, forever?; and something or someone howls with such a pitch it shatters things. So I know what’s in the chapter, I just need to do it. In two weeks, after my self-imposed hiatus wherein I put my First Draft in a lock box to let it sit and marinate in my thoughts. Notes, character backstory, fine-tuning my blog, reading and reading and reading all those other books I've been wanting to get to -- this is my homework til the 16th. Roar!

As of January 2, 2012 my Deb Stats are:
  • Age -- 31 years, 4 months, 5 days.
  • Relationship -- Mama to Alpha and Beta, Wife to Hubs, Daughter to Mutter and Papa, Sister to the Guy and the Twins (Sister Older and Sister Oldest), and things spin out from there as invariably humans mate and create.
  • In This Moment -- My hair is wet because I just got out of the shower, and for the same reason my skin feels dry, pulled tight like a canvas. I need to drink more water. My hoodie and pants definitely don't match, of which I am certainly aware. Beta is still small; he sits in the crux of my pulled-up-indian-style legs and wriggles in a particularly infant way, with purpose but lacking muscle control, though he's getting better at it. Alpha is napping, and I'm watching the clock, wanting to get at least this much out before he wakes up. Hubs is at work; I have no idea when he'll be home today.
  • Pages Written -- 76 and counting. Rawr.

The following are my "homework" answers from this post --
link to original here

My name is Debra, though I prefer Deb, which is a derivative of the Hebrew name Deborah. Ever since around the age of 12, I thought finding the meaning of my name would give me some deeper sense of who I am, which is why I'm also still fascinated with the idea that a rose by any other name...

Deborah means "honeybee." Industrious. Productive. Social. Important for pollination. According to this site, more has been written about honeybees than any other species of insect. This site says humans have associated with bees for thousands of years.

So what does this tell me about myself? Mmm. That I still have more to learn?

1. What are you listening to right now? Mostly a hodgepodge of soft sounds because, though I love writing with music in the background, I don’t want to wake the household. So there’s the whirring of the computer fan; little noises from Beta over the baby monitor as he slowly wakes up, goes back to sleep, wakes up a little more…

2. Do you like your handwriting? Funny that – when I was small, I was being nosey and overheard a conversation my sister had with a friend about how she loved her sister’s handwriting. My chest swelled with pride, until I realized she was talking about our other sister. Pfft. Ever since I’ve tried to make my handwriting completely unique to me, and yes, I love it. I don't know if anyone else does, but this time around I'm not so worried about it.

3. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I love fiercely, forgive easily, I don’t gossip, I like listening as much as (if not more than?) I like talking. But I’m a hardcore hermit. So. I understand why I might not want to be friends with me if I were another person, and I’m okay with that.

4. What’s your favorite breakfast? Yogurt plus any number of things. Pancakes slathered with peanut butter and lots of syrup. Or mushroom omelet sprinkled with cheese. Or oatmeal swirled with peanut butter and honey. Eggs, I like eggs that have a runny yoke. And then you dip buttered toast into them? Yum.

5. The first thing you notice about people is… their eyes – whether or not they look directly at my eyes, or elsewhere. Their hair – I think a person’s hair (style/lack of, gel/no gel, color, length…) tells a very interesting story. Most people will have at least one dramatic incident in their life linked somehow to their hair.

6. In what way are you irrational? I expect myself, and therefore everyone else, to be perfect on the first go-round. I realize this about myself, though, so I’m trying to amend.

7. If you needed a kidney, who would be the first person willing to donate one to you? I get serious heebee-jeebees when I think about medical things. Donating kidneys, needing to receive kidneys, involves a lot of blood, pain, tears…I honestly prefer not to think about this question very much. I’m guessing Hubs would be first to step up to bat, and I’ll leave it with that.

8. Where’s the farthest you’ve been from home? Kun Ming, P.R. of China. It was my first time for many things – first plane ride, first time out of country, first time away from my family, first subway, first time teaching…my list of firsts I experienced there goes on and on. *Note to self: rummage around for some pictures and upload them here.

9. Scary movies or happy endings? I like that scary movies generally make you think more than happy-ending movies do, but I very much like stories to end on an up-note. I hate investing a few hours, and more often than not a few more bucks than I can afford, on watching something that's interesting or compelling, just to be left in the end with an empty feeling in my gut.

10. What makes you feel young? Sleeping in as late as possible. Popsicles. Playing in the rain sans rain-gear. Riding a bike.  Birthday parties – we weren’t allowed to have many when we were growing up, so whenever I have an actual birthday party I still want to do all the kiddie things. 

11. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Sure. Even the little things (maybe especially the little things?) seem to stick around in my head until further notice. I prefer to think it's all a learning process, whether we gather something from it now or regurgitate later to assimilate from it then.

12. What’s something you aren’t? Tall.

13. If you had next Monday off from all responsibilities and expectations, what would you do? Sleep in, eat pancakes, write and drink juice, hike, write some more, watch a movie, go to bed.

14. Do you always smile for pictures? Oh! Is *that* what we're supposed to do?

15. What would you be willing to literally fight for? My loved ones and their causes.

16. What is your all-time favorite joke? What did the dog say when he sat on sandpaper?

17. Wonderland or Oz? Hooka, baby.

18. What’s the story of your first kiss? Under a street lamp, the city lights sparkling like diamonds in the distance. The kiss itself was unremarkable. Uncomfortable. Undoable.

19. How do you explain déjà vu? Road maps.

20. What’s the coldest you’ve ever been? Winter in China.

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