Monday, May 3, 2021

Mindful May: Happy

Hello Everyone! It's been awhile (years?), but here we are again. There are things happening, happy things, but for now we'll set those aside. 

For now, I want to celebrate the idea, the practice, the creative process inherent in and of mindfulness. To practice more mindfulness in May. All month I'll be posting picture books, creative suggestions, art prompts and posts, that explore mindfulness. I'll post, and hope you comment and post your own mindful stuff too, sharing with me and others. Let's make May merry.  

We start off with Happy, written by Nicola Edwards and illustrated by Katie Hickey.

Link to original here

First of all, can we pause a moment to really take in these colors? And the textures Hickey uses in the artwork? And the idea of sitting on a roof to look at, soak in, the stars? Have you ever done this--please tell me you have? It's a glorious thing. You feel so tiny, and yet so huge, all at once. 

Edwards does a wonderful job of breaking down the basic idea: "Mindfulness is all about connecting with ourselves and the world around us."

Simple. So, so simple. 

And then she gives us some examples of ways we can be mindful in listening, feeling, relaxing, tasting, and more. There's lots more, but I'll let Mrs. Carabot take you through:

Gorgeous, right?

You *looks pointedly at you* are gorgeous. What are some things that make you happy? Leave me some thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. I love that book. One of my absolute favorite professors always talked about being mindful, really noticing the world around us.
    Today, I'm appreciating the window that my desk faces and the tree just outside that window. I can see the leaves flit in the breeze. It's lovely.

  2. I've always loved how you see the world. Your pictures, your posts, your writing, your poetry. I love the flitting of leaves, yes. Each one moving it's own way, and then all of them together. You always make me think, thank you

  3. I have been really focusing on mindfulness at the moment. In April I started to include mindful moments on our rota at work, encouraging staff to take five minutes each day to blow bubbles, or colour, or just stand outside and appreciate the sounds. Anything to be in the now. So important.

    1. This is so awesome! It 100% should be part of work, and play, and so many mini-moments of the day! I love this.


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