Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catching Rainbows and Angels

We have a prism in our front window. I forget about it a lot, so when my little Alpha came running in to tell me we had a rainbow in our house, I was confused.

"Come see, mama," he pulled my hand and dragged me from whatever I was doing in the kitchen to the front room.

He pointed at the little beam of light projecting from the prism onto the floor. I thought about taking the moment to have a scientific discussion. Instead, I asked him if he thought we should try to catch it...

We are celebrating Alpha's third birthday today. Yay for growing and becoming bigger, stronger, better. I wish the same for you today -- that you may feel better, stronger, and bigger. That you may grow in whatever you are doing. And that you may find a rainbow of joy somewhere too, so you can catch it between you fingers. Happy un-birthday to you all.

Moment of Magic today (the other one):

The XX have a new album out? Yes, my friends, yes. Oh how I love them. Here's your captured angel for the day too.


  1. I love when the kids "find rainbows"...quite often through their glass cereal bowls. There really is magic everywhere!

  2. Beautiful rainbow and beautiful post. Happy birthday to your Alpha. :)

  3. Happy birthday to your Alpha. May we all remember to look closely enough to see the tiny rainbows on the floor.

  4. *-* So sweet! Happy Birthday to him! :)

  5. Happy birthday to Alpha, happy un-birthday to you and thank you for the reminder. On the way to a story time party on Saturday me and the girls not only saw a big rainbow, but where it landed in a field we were driving by. I have always wondered where rainbows touch down and now I have seen one. The girls wanted me to stop so we could dig up the pot of gold, got to admit I was tempted ;-)

  6. This was so sweet! Happy birthday to him!

  7. Thanks everyone, it was a really fun day. Your comments have helped me relive the happiness all over again. Double-the-pleasure, double-the-fun.


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