Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Angels and Djinn Cocktail Party

My brain is full of angels.

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Except the part that's full of djinns.

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But come to find out here, they all kind of hang out with each other anyway, so this makes the cocktail party in my head much more agreeable. Instead of keeping to themselves at the fringes they're starting to mingle.

Thank heavens.

So I'm thinking genie in a bottle which leads me to think of genies and bottles and then of course my mind wanders over to beverages and oh, wouldn't a lovely bottle of my favorite beverage just be the thing?

If you were able to sit across a table from your favorite author, a bottle of your best beverage cracked so you can share it between you, what would you ask?

In this case your favorite author is the genie, full of wisdom and wit. The conversation is not about wishes, but rather knowledge from experiences shared and imbibed. You get three questions. What would they be?

Moment of Magic today:

There was this moment where time seemed to slow... where the boys were playing together well, music was sifting through the background, wind was dancing through the windchimes outside, I'd caught up on a couple of my favorite blogs and was simply sitting to digest their words. Yum.

Here's the song...does it put everything together for a moment for you too?

Also, Sally O'Reilly is doing a fantastic series of discussions on plot structure(s) over here. This was magical to revisit today because I'm fumbling with some of my plot right now. She's my original blog crush. Definitely check her site out if you haven't already.


  1. Flippin heck missy, you're sure getting me thinking tonight!!!

    Ok bottle easy - Japanese plum wine and lots of ice.

    Questions, ish -
    1. What gave you the courage to make your writing public?
    2. When did you start writing / When did you know your writing was good enough? (ok cheating a little but it would have been too easy otherwise!)
    3. Who do you write for primarily; your self or your readers? Are there some pieces for your eyes only?

    The who is more difficult!! I am not sure which author I would pick, I have so many that I love. Nope I'll have to think on that one for a bit!!

    I love the imagery of Angels and Djinn, I'm currently stuck on fairies after watching moths, butterflies, dragonflies and other bugs flitting around in a brief bit of sunshine we had today :-) They always make me think that is what it would be like watching fairies flying around!

    1. Ooo, just the name of that wine sounds incredibly and deliciously indulgent. Nice. I love your questions too. I hadn't thought about #2 (the cheating part), and the who is really difficult, isn't it? Depending on the day, the hour, my mood, etc. I'm not sure I could narrow it down either.

      I love your parallel picture of moths and dragonflies, etc, to fairies. Now that you mention it, there's all sorts of little fairies flitting around our back area too. Busy little bodies.

  2. Hot chocolate. It doesn't come in a bottle and it's a bit out of season, but in my head this takes place in the winter time, somewhere cozy like a tiny coffee shop or bookstore.

    Anyway, I have many favorites, but I think I'd actually like to be there with J.K. Rowling, first because I don't know as much about her as I do my other go-to authors, and second because her situation when she got started is similar to mine.

    I'd ask her how she balanced writing and being a mom, then probably how she managed the rejection, and last about her world building process.

    You know, if I ever "make it" I think it might be cool to have lunch with different a fan or aspiring writer on a semi-regular basis.

    Angels and djinns, what a cool mix! And I don't know if this was on purpose, but I like how the picture of the angel is a guy and the djinn is a girl because in my head it's usually the opposite.

    1. Hot chocolate is top. I'm off coffee as of last month (long story) so Pero and hot chocolate are my new favs. Especially hot chocolate with a hint of mint? Mmm. And a tiny coffee shop or bookstore was exactly the setting I had in my head.

      J.K. Rowling would definitely be great to talk to. She seems so classy and yet down to earth. She has such an inspiring story, and her books are inspiring too. Yes, she'd be great. I love your questions for her too. One of my first questions for any author-with-kids is: how to juggle them both successfully?

      And I think your idea about lunches with other aspiring authors is awesome. Do it (to both making it, as well as the lunches), I dare you ;)


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