Red Herring

**Update: This was for a Fairy Tale Friday post I wrote on 3/23, the results of which were linked up with my post on 3/30. If you're reading this, and feel a whim to belatedly take up the challenge, you're more than welcome to. Let me know where to find your story and I'll link it up with the others. Thanks.

Uh, uh, uh. All in good time, my friend, come back next Friday to find out. 

Or, for those of you who are more bold (or just need something to do?), here's your challenge:

Take the story elements I've given you and create a fairytale of your own. Add, subtract, multiply any new elements you'd like to, to make the story more interesting to you. Are you a horror fan? Throw in some zombies. Or is that comedy? Depends, I guess, on the context. So make it comedy, or tragedy, or romance.

Maybe the girls have gaged ears. Maybe the bear is a polar bear. Maybe it all takes place in a theme park. Can we somehow involve coffee?

Whatever. Make it into that fairytale you've always wanted to read, but no one's found in an old, dark chest yet.

If you've got a blog, post your stories on your site by Thursday March 29, then send me the link, and I'd love to include your link in my Fairy Tale Friday post for March 30. Or if you want to participate, but don't have a blog, email me and we'll make some magic happen.

Here's another clue. Take it, if it helps spark your imagination, or leave it if not:

 link to original here 
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