Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heart Space

Leah is continuing the prompts through the weekend. What? I know! So I'm running behind on this one, and so many others, just don't think about it! Here's the prompt:

Make a list of places you don't go anymore

And here's my 10 minute list:
original link

dark room
the greenbelt
jungle run
table rock cross
simplot’s hill
bogus basin
orchestra practice
mandarin garden
basement of the business building
the quad
beaver mountain
swing café
mike hams
the raven
security office at the theater
employee lounge
on the bart
the underworld
the gym
path by the canal
green studio
the owl
the loop drive
secret orchard at Red Butte Garden
that one greek restaurant
Bryant Middleschool
smoke shops

And just because, here's a song place I used to visit frequently but don't much anymore:


What unvisited places fill up your heart spaces? 

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