Thursday, September 18, 2014

Head and Hart

Today's prompt from Leah is a picture that lead to a mighty argument in my head:

Writer Deb: [pensive look with nose close to picture, then sits back in chair] Yep, so, I’ve got nothing.

Reader Deb: Wait, what? You can’t do that.

WD: Actually I can. I’m in charge.

RD: [snorts] Yeah. And my name is Ozymandias, otherwise known as Awesomeface: the mighty look on my works with despair.

WD: Nice reference Stumpy.

RD: [shrugs] Reading rocks.

WD: I’ll leave you to that, then. I have this other thing I’m working on.

RD: [in whiny voice] But you promised me something to read. You mentioned shapeshifters earlier. What about that?

WD: [looks back at picture; long pause, then shakes head] Yep. Nope. I just keep thinking about this other thing.

RD: No.

WD: No?

RD: [wriggles deeper into chair and folds arms firmly] No.

WD: I’m in charge, remember?

RD: No.

WD: [moves to edge of seat and thumbs toward kitchen] Okay, well I’m just going to go over here and warm up some water for tea and…

RD: No.

WD: That’s what I do to prep…

RD: Shapeshifters, shapeshifters, shapeshifters, shapeshifters.

WD: Stop it.


WD: Oh my gosh fine! 

RD: [smug grin]

WD: Once upon a time there was a man who was in love with a shapeshifter but then she broke his heart and left in the form of a deer but then he tracked her down which was easy enough because he was a hunter and he shot her and bled her out and ripped her heart from her chest and ate it which was only fair because a heart for a heart. 

RD: Um.

WD: And she was a hart! Ha! See my wittiness?

RD: [dark frown] That was not okay.

WD: What?

RD: Now I’m going to have that stuck in my head all day.

WD: [huge sigh] Well if you’d just let me…

RD: I know, I know, the other thing. But now I’m going to have that image stuck in my head all day. 

WD: Go away.

RD: But I want a good story.

WD: Go away.

RD: You’re rude.

WD: Go away.

RD: You smell.

WD: I am in charge now go away!

RD: You are not Awesomeface.


RD: Well at least you have the despair part right [gets up to find something else to read]

WD: [smug grin] Now for some tea.


  1. That was awesome! It totally made my day! And, yes, I am up to two cups of tea a day, usually when I want to write, go to bed, just get up, need a pick-me-up..... Uh-oh. How many cups is that?! By the way, the guy across the street just left his wife and two little kids to go hunting for 10 days. 10 DAYS!! Horrid, that's what I say.

    1. I think I wouldn't talk to Jesse for at least 10 days when he got back, if he were to do such a thing. Which he would never, because then I wouldn't talk to him for 10 days. Or maybe that would be motivation for him to go...heeey...

  2. Again with the laughing out loud. You are a crack up! Personally, my brain is split into Writer Brina and Crafty Bean. Today CB won out. Only because WB had nothin'.

    1. Sometimes Writer Deb needs Reader Deb to win out because that very much feeds the flame. I'm guessing it's the same with CB and WB. And in the end we all win, right? :D

  3. I don't think I want to analyse how many voices there are in my head in any one day or at any one time....that would just be downright scary! You on the other hand are simply hilarious and brighten my day everyday! Superb writing Deb, bravo!

    1. Oh Sleepy Joe, I'm so excited for you to read WD's other thing. And you, also, brighten my everyday. Thanks for being there always.

    2. I am so excited to....even if it means no Broady (still pouting) ;-)


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