Friday, February 3, 2012

Fairy Tale Friday: The Princess and the Pea

Link to artist here
They say Hans Christian Anderson was the guy who made this fairy tale popular, though there were other versions circulating before his rendition. They also say he was the first to include the idea that the real princess was sensitive to even the tiniest discomfort, and that's why she felt the pea under the mattress.

Previous versions suggested she was clued in on the farce by a helpful insider, so the next morning she passed the test because of her ingenuity and foresightedness. Huh.

If you ask me, I'd rather have a queen who's cunning and smart than one who is squeamish and tender. I want to be proud of my strong queen (hello Ms. Obama on the Ellen Show recently?); not shrug and sigh, hoping the next one will be better.

So I vote we go back to a pre-Hans telling of this story, if anyone out there has a good rendition? Better yet, if anyone wants to write a pre-Hans/pro-proud Princess story I'd love to host it in my post next Friday. Anyone? I dare you, if that helps.

Until then, sigh, here's a pretty version of what we've got (I love the creator's voice):

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Moment of Magic today:
In the dead of winter, I'm reminded of when this bee came to hang out with us in our kitchen. It was a warm night, the smell of sun still in the dark air, baby (only one at the time) in bed, and time to just breathe. 

I love summer. I love the memory of this bee.

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  1. How have I missed your visit to one of my favourite fairy tales?!?! Hmm goodness to munch on :-)


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