Thursday, February 16, 2012

300 Words or Less: Sacred

300 Thursday again, where I'm posting bits of original work -- teasers from the novel I'm working on, some of my favorite poetry or prose I've done in the last few years, maybe some flash fiction or short essays, etc. -- all within 300 words or less. 

Today's quickie is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, though it still very much applies:
Link to original source here

You are sacred.

I am speaking to the earth,
to the trees.
I am speaking to the people who
are on their knees.
I am speaking to the woman who
called me a bitch.
I am speaking to the ones who
could really care less.

Friend or foe,
I'm glad to be here with you.
Most of you I don't know,
or maybe I do.

But we are connected,
just by being alive.
And we are all sacred parts
of the bigger hive.
I may never get to taste the honey,
but I glow to know it's there.
You are proof of it,

As am I.

Total pages logged as of today: 141 

Moment of Magic today:

When The XX is playing in the background of whatever else we're doing -- coloring, playing with home-made play dough, trying to get Beta to laugh -- Alpha will stop, crawl up into the computer chair, and watch. Mesmerized. Some part of me hopes he's a musician someday. A bigger part of me hopes he's whoever he wants to be someday. 


  1. I wish I could be inside Alpha's head while he watches XX. I'm sure what he sees is completely unique and interesting.

    1. Haha! You're so right! Now I wish I could be in his head too :)


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