Monday, November 28, 2022

Mindful Monday: Learning 2 Breathe--Tenderness


Happy Mindful Monday, everyone. We’re back to the L2B thing and thus far we’ve gone over these themes:

B: Body, learning to listen to our bodies

R: Reflect, reflecting on our thoughts

E: Emotions, we can surf the waves of our emotions

A: Attend, attend to what’s inside and outside of us

Today we add on the T: Tenderness, try some tenderness; take life as it is

The Davis Behavioral Health L2B team has put together a series of cards that can be found here. The cards have questions or prompts for each of the themes that help explore the themes and ourselves more deeply.

Some of the Tenderness cards include the questions:

·       “What kind thoughts can I practice saying to myself?”

·       “How can I be kind at home? School? Work, etc.?

·       “How does it feel when someone is kind to me?”

These are great journaling prompts to get us delving into our hearts and minds so we have more positive go-to thoughts when things start to spiral up or down or out of control.

May we never be out of control. That feeling’s the worst.

And may you have the best of feelings as you move more mindfully into this week. I hope this helps you feel, look for, and have gratitude towards moments of peace and love.


*If you’d like a way to put more mindfulness into practice, this holiday season, consider getting one of these Holiday Thrive journals I’ve put together. They are self-care guides to help you not just survive the stresses of the holidays, but thrive through them.

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