Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Word Hocus Pocus

Truth is, words are powerful things. Names are powerful things. Words are names for things, and people, and ideas – incantations giving life and meaning to what we experience and hope for. A bridge, from my head to yours.

There is magic in a bridge.

See what I mean? I say ‘bridge’ and all these images come to mind.

I name a specific bridge, and even more magic. Explosions to chains of magic. 

  • Rainbow Bridge (immediate associations that come to mind: leprechauns; Rainbow Bright; Logan, Utah)
  • London Bridge (England; Sleepy Joe; ancestry; decapitated heads; Arizona?)
  • Bifrost Bridge (Chris Hemsworth; billy goats gruff; Marvel marathon with kids)
  • Bridge to Terabithia (counting warts on my hands during reading time in elementary; scruffy dogs; childhood friend and Dumbo)
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There was a story in all this, but it got lost in the translation. And yet. Something about gratitude to a stranger who gave me life when he gave me his name, and nothing more. Gratitude to a friend who brought gifts to both my boys, when only one of them broke his leg. Gratitude to another on the other side of a phone call who let me live her reality vicariously, even if just for a moment. And it was all good.

These word-things, they're truly something, aren't they? To be able to paint a feeling in my heart onto the canvas of this screen, however abstract it may seem. Impossible, really, but therein lies the magic.

You, over there, on the other side of this digital bridge. Tell me something about bridges, or strangers, or broken things. Fixed things. Wordswordswords. Ready, go:


  1. Ah ha....This thing is letting me leave comments now :-)

    I love how one word leads to another, one song links to a feeling, one smell bridges to a picture and one picture leads to a word. Bridges is a good way to look at it. You have an awesome way of looking at things, and you get from me to decapitated heads.....should I be worried????

  2. Oh you know I love to worry you just a little bit ;)

    I live for your comments, so I'm glad whatever blogger problem has been fixed now so I can look forward to them again. Miss you much, miss.


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