Thursday, January 10, 2013

Medicine Cabinet

I’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, here are a myriad of things for you to riffle your fingers through. Like a medicine cabinet. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you opened the mirror to look behind. See anything that surprises you?

Napkin drawings

Matisyahu sans beard

Promises made

Promises broken (original link)

Practicing for Thor's hammer

And what do you keep in your metaphorical medicine cabinet? Link it up and/or comment below.


  1. Lo-o-o-ove the poem. And the napkin drawing, mine are more like a smiley face, or my name. I'm so original.

    1. Thanks for the love ^^ And I always draw hearts or apples. We are all so original. Heh.

  2. You have some prefect (poem), divine (song), gorgeous(cute hammer throw) and down right weird (sorry the elephant freaked me out) things in your medicine cabinet. You do realise if I ever make it to the US it has officially made it to my top three things to see 'look behind Deb's mirror'

    That being said I will have to pluck up the courage to look behind my own....even more freaked out ;-)

    PS nothing surprises me, it's all so you!

    1. Impressive, huh? I had to shove to get them all to fit inside the small cupboard space, but...

      And yes! What's behind your mirror, Sleepy Joe? I would love to see.


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