Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lack Luster Liebster

I apologize in advance for the blah-flavor of today's post. I'm going to send you here to find out the details because I feel less than great today (read: lazy and sick and tired of being tired, in no specific order) but I’m very grateful to Sleepy Joe for the nomination. She makes my heart feel lighter than it was before and any lack of luster has completely to do with me and nothing to do with her. So.

Here are answers to her questions:

 1. Do you believe in soul-mates and why, even if the answer is no?

I used to think the idea of soul-mates meant that you fit perfectly together, that you’d never argue, you’d know exactly what the other was thinking before they even opened their mouth. That sort of thing. I don’t believe in that kind of soul-mate anymore. I do believe in having the kind of mate your soul is comfortable with regardless of whether or not you argue, regardless of whether or not all your nooks and crannies fit. I don’t think that kind of comfort is easy to find, so if there are only one or two of those people out there in the world per person, that makes sense to me.

link to original here
2. Sunset photo or nighttime shot?

I love the colors in sunset shots, but I love even more the depth and dark and stark contrast of light from stars you can find in nighttime shots. Especially the ones that are really well done.

3. Fleecy PJ's, Onesie or shorts?

I’m pretty sure I’m misunderstanding this question, but here are my thoughts on each anyway. Fleecy PJ’s are soft and lovely, but they’re often too snug in all the wrong places. I don’t like sleeping with layers (though in contrast I’ve always got to have some sort of blanket). Onesies I love, but more so on Beta than on me. His chunky legs are cute. Mine, not so much.  Shorts? I prefer pants or long flowy skirts.

4. Where do you head or to whom do you go if you are in need of inspiration?

A quiet place, then I find my knees.

5. What song best captures you or your life, either in general or in this moment?

Ooph. This is a hard one. I’m going to go with this:


6. What one thing would you have in your life if there were no monetary, moral or other limitations?

I keep leaving this blank and then coming back to it, but every time I hit a mental wall. Financial security, maybe? Or if money is not a limit, security in general. I feel like I'm always deeply afraid of something or other that's completely out of my control.

7. What is your dream job?

I’m living it. Minus the published author bit, but that’ll come someday hopefully.

8. What is your Christmas Eve tradition?

Soup in bread bowls for dinner, lighting the fire and singing carols with family, snacking on nuts and cookies while chatting way too late into the evening. Sometimes we go to Midnight Mass even though we’re not Catholic.

9. Do tablets (ie. ipads) make you feel like you are living in a Sci-fi movie?

Now that you mention it…

10. What musical instrument would you play if you could? Or would you sing instead?

And now I’ve just lost two hours watching beatbox videos because that’s singing and playing all in one bag. Plus duh, it’s hugely amazing. I can’t see myself opening that bag up and using it in this life, but maybe my next?

11. Candle light or the big light (sorry Northern reference to the main ceiling light in a room)?

Depends on the circumstances, but I’m probably always going to default for candle light. Everything seems softer and I very much like soft.

Now eleven facts about me:
1. When I see three or more people walking shoulder-to-shoulder in real life I automatically think, "Action flick..." and I kind-of expect whatever's behind them to explode.

Other than that, I'm having a hard time coming up with facts that are interesting. Maybe we'll incorporate the rest next week?

And then eleven questions for people who'd like to answer one, two, a few, or all of them:

1. What's a quote you either very much agree or disagree with? Why?

2. Do you like kids? Why or why not?

3. What's your favorite part of the winter holiday season? Why?

4. What are your thoughts about the goddess Bast?

5. Did/do you have a favorite childhood cartoon? Why or why not?

6. What does this bring to mind: "Double the pleasure, double the fun..."?

7. Do you prefer to drink your favorite beverage from a bottle or glass?

8. What is a memory you have where a kite was somehow involved?

9. Do you get moody when you're hungry?

10. What are five small-ish objects closest to you?

11. What is a random detail that sticks out in your mind about a significant event in your life? (ex: The variegated light from the street lamp on the gravel road when she broke my heart)  


  1. Congratulations! I love your blog! :-)

  2. Cheat, you know I find all the random things about you interesting, especially when you don't.

    That said your answers and questions posed more than make up for it. Keep smiling until I get chance to answer those questions because some of them will make you giggle.

    I love your answer about soul-mates and your random fact (especially as I am never going to look at three people together in the same way again. Can you imagine me ducking for cover whilst trying to get lunch?)

    Love and hugs xx

  3. O_o you know, I do something similar when I see two people hunched over a table deep in conversation, my brain just goes "this is our latest intelligence on such-and-such a mission...you know what to do!"


  4. Sorry you're feeling icky!

    I love your answer to number 4!(Loved them all, really.) And,I love your questions, I may have to answer them just because they're so great!


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