Monday, August 13, 2012

The Final Countdown: 13 Days

If you need background or a reminder, here’s the gist. Today is number 13, and in the back of my head I've been wondering all day what kinds of superstitiously bad things could happen with my writing. My worst nightmare is losing everything I've been working on and saving thus far. It's after 9 pm, and I haven't opened my document yet for fear that...oh, you know...the computer might crash, my back-up disk may mess everything up somehow, I'll save it wrong and tomorrow it'll all be in a different language or code. Why would any or all of these things happen, you ask?

Because I'm afraid of it, and therefore if any or all of these things happen today it would very much be a self-fulfilled prophecy. Maybe?

I don't know.

So I don't think I'm going to work on my book today. Are you superstitious at all?
Here's my daily inspiration though:

link to original here
I might be be a tad bit (or very?) superstitious, but there are some things I think are opposite from the norm. For example -- black cats. I love cats in general, but black ones especially, and if anything is supernatural about them I think it's that they kind of take care of us somehow. Spiritually? Emotionally? At the very least, they get rid of mice for us, so. That's got to count for something.  

I'm inspired by things that are not always as they seem. Things that make you look twice. Things that you hear, but then something seems a little off with how other people explain them, so you figure them out according to how you feel instead. 

Black cats are a reminder of all this and more.

And tomorrow it's back to writing. Happy project-thoughts to you, till then.


  1. I love your thought about being inspired by things that aren't always what they seem. Recently I almost blogged about that exact same thing, but it wasn't coming out right so I didn't post it. I think some of the coolest ideas ever come from "double take" moments, when you think you see or hear something crazy that, upon closer examination, turns out to be mundane. But then you get to thinking, "Wow, what if I had seen what I thought I did," and then the wheels start turning, sparking off other ideas, and that is truly awesome.

    1. Bah. You should have posted it. And you're right, it love when you can get the wheels rolling with things like this. It's magical, even, maybe?

  2. Flies scare me. They are supposed to alert you to impending doom. I own a lot of Fly Swatters!

    1. Flies alert you of impending doom? Crap! I had about 20 of them in my kitchen yesterday. Now I'm waiting for the (#*& to hit the fan. Thanks.

    2. Someone needs to look into selling a lot of fly swatters on or around the end of the year, apparently? Heh.


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