Thursday, March 22, 2012

300 Words or Less: Guest Writer -- TangledLou

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300 Thursday again, where I’m posting bits of original work within 300 words or less.

Except today’s a little different, though, and exceptionally so, because I’m pleased to share an excerpt from the original writings of guest writer TangledLou.

She trains words like a tiger-tamer. So with much appreciation to her, for her, I bring you:


I was going to write you a letter today on the backs of old grocery receipts. Yards of scribblings in ink that will only disappear if you keep them in your pocket; leaving behind the random history of my family's eating habits and the price of groceries. 

This morning's oatmeal sits congealing on the table and the pile of Little People are abandoned in a heap by a Hooligan earthquake in the middle of the living room floor. It all sits, but it will continue to sit a while longer. This stuff of life - the repetition, the ritual - it's always there. Comforting in its way, I suppose, but what a thing to define a life. 

I thought about an old poem of mine, scribbled on manuscript paper, my current copy a color laser print of the original (there's a message in there somewhere about the passage of time, but I digress...)

"cold hands
in my pocket
found it
there amid the
always been there
now it fits"

A life changing encounter reduced to the contents of my pockets the day I wrote the poem. But if you read enough murder mysteries, you know that your whole life can be reduced to the contents of your pockets on any given day. Hence, the grocery receipts. They'll tell you more than I ever will.

link to original here

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Moment of Magic today:

When I first heard this song I was so hungry for so many things. Listening to it again reminds me of how deeply I yearned then for many of the things I have now. It makes me grateful, over and over again.

Have you heard this song before? What does it make you think of?


  1. Thank you for such kind words - tiger tamer! - and for the opportunity to guest on your beautiful blog.

    1. For sure! Thank you for being willing to do it, and for your kind words on your blog sending people this way :)

  2. Great post, thanks to the guest blogger! I just hope my life isn't reduced to the contents of my pockets; snotty tissues, random children's and adult gloves and a pair of whinne the pooh kids sunglasses. What on earth does that say about me :-/

    What a lovely song, it makes me think of all the things we want most in life. The things we think of as soon as we wake up. That is the thing I use to guage how important something is to me. If it is on my mind from the moment I open my eyes then it is something important and I know I should fight to make reality.

    1. It says your kids have style. I totally would have loved to sport a pair of Winnie the Pooh glasses when I was little.

      And I get what you're saying about the song -- knowing from the get-go what's important to you -- I'd never thought about it this way before, but you're so right.

  3. I never really thought about what all a grocery receipt could reveal!


    1. Neither had I, such a perfect little piece of insight, eh? I will never look at receipts the same way again. They're like a secret code to our daily lives.


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