Monday, December 12, 2022

Mindful Monday: Learning 2 Breathe--Empowered

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Happy Mindful Monday, friends. We’re finishing up our exploration of the L2B program, today, and thus far we’ve gone over these themes:

B: Body, learning to listen to our bodies

R: Reflect, reflecting on our thoughts

E: Emotions, we can surf the waves of our emotions

A: Attend, attend to what’s inside and outside of us

T: Tenderness, try some tenderness; take life as it is

H: Healthy habits; practicing healthy habits of mind

Last, but not least, we have E: Empowered

When we learn to slow down and listen to our bodies, reflect on our thoughts and emotions, attend to what’s inside and outside our bodies, practice tenderness towards ourselves and others, then create healthy habits so we continue to do all these things—this is when we feel empowered.

Which is not to say we’ll always feel successful in doing all these things.

But that’s when we practice any one of the themes some more. Empowerment isn’t always succeeding, but rather always knowing we have the tools to help us succeed.

That knowledge is power.

And you, my friends, are powerful. I wish light and love and peace as you move more mindfully into your week.


*If you’d like a way to put more mindfulness into practice, this holiday season, consider getting one of these Holiday Thrive journals I’ve put together. They are self-care guides to help you not just survive the stresses of the holidays, but thrive through them.

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