Monday, November 14, 2022

Mindful Monday: Learning 2 Breathe--Attend

 Happy Mindful Monday, all you lovely people. We’re working through the L2B program and so far we’ve done these themes:

B: Body, learning to listen to our bodies

R: Reflect, reflecting on our thoughts

E: Emotions, we can surf the waves of our emotions

So, today we are at A: Attend, attend to what’s inside and outside of us

For this, I’m simply going to borrow from here, a memo from the Body-Mind to all Body-Mind Owners:

And now, what do we do with this? Slow down, be more mindful and present with everything.

Mindful eating includes paying attention to sensations as we eat; practicing gratitude for all the people whose work made it possible for us to eat this food.

Mindful walking includes paying attention to movements of our muscles, our lungs, our arms swinging, our hips swaying; practicing gratitude for our abilities to move in whatever way we can.

Mindfully going into this week includes paying attention to our intensions and what we hope/plan to do, closing our eyes and seeing how things will play out; practicing gratitude for our skills, abilities, and all the people in our lives whose work make it possible for us to likewise work toward what we want to do.

I am wishing this for you, my friends, that your week is blessed and full of peace and love as you move more mindfully through.


*If you’d like a way to put more mindfulness into practice, this holiday season, consider getting one of these Holiday Thrive journals I’ve put together. They are self-care guides to help you not just survive the stresses of the holidays, but thrive through them.

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