Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monarch is for C

This is my thought process, only backwards:

...where do your thoughts go from here?

...and now I'm wondering -- who is the king or queen of your heart? And are you their king or queen in return? I wish this to be true for you.

...which leads me to think about the Emperor and Empress cards in the tarot deck, only he is the ultimate gentleman and lets his lady go first (she is III and he is IV). I, for one, love the Empress card. You?

...of the various titles that monarchs have, I tend to favor "emperor" or "empress," though Princess Diana obviously raised the bar for that title.

link to original here
 ...Monarchs, eh?

...and caterpillars too, of course.

Cherries (mmm.)

"C is for...?"

"What's this?"

Moment of Magic today:

Alpha knows his alphabet well enough now he feels confident in testing me. Pointing at the milk carton or the cereal box or a sign he'll ask me, "What's this?" and I'll reply, "Is it a T?" It's fun to hear him congratulate me when I get the letters right. It's just as much fun to hear him chortle when I get the letters wrong. 

Good game, my friends, good game.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the extra smile on my way to work. I too favour empress, much more regal sounding.

    Hmm, king or queen of my heart, hmmm thank you for this gem too you have me thinking now :-) as always!


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