Friday, August 3, 2012

The Final Countdown: 23 Days

If you need some background or a reminder, here's the gist. Writing is moving along fine (not as fast as I want! I'm starting to seriously freak!). Just fine (why isn't this coming together better? What happens if I don't make my deadline?). Don't pay attention to that other stuff, it's all good (I feel like a slug. Where does all my time go?). And if I don't make my deadline, I'll keep going til it's done (that doesn't help me feel any more calm).

What does help me feel more calm is all your comments and heartfelt support. Y'all are angels in my life. Thank you.

And here's my inspiration today:

link to original here

Pregnant women everywhere. There are a couple of women I know that I specifically have in mind, and they are so brave and powerful and delicate, all at once. They fill me with awe. Plus, it's really hot right now. I was hugely pregnant this time last year and guh. There are no words. So cheers to you magnificent ladies. Thanks for your beautiful strength.

What about you other lovelies? How are projects coming? Here's some more positive energy and happy thoughts to you. Roar.


  1. I had an extremely similar picture taken when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was not as beautiful or inspiring as that one, though.

    I, too, am surrounded by beautiful and strong pregnant women right now. You are right, they are inspiring. Thanks for this project, Deb. It means more than I can articulate.

    1. I'm sure yours is a million times more of a treasure, though, and much more beautiful because it's a moment of magic with you and your daughter that can never be re-created.

      Thanks for participating in this project. I'm glad it's meaningful to you too, and that we're all (hopefully) feeling stronger for the communal support. Keep it up, I'm loving your posts!

  2. Hi db. I too have a deadline. My exhibition opens on 26th August. It was good to see your recent posts. Thankyou.

    1. Yes, of course! Yay for your exhibition! Can details be found on your blog?

    2. Noooooothing can be found on my blog lately...must fix that.

  3. Ok missy, panic not!!! Projects always go through this stage. When I was planning the event in June I spent most of the month before in a state of constant panic (and most of the day for that matter). It wasn't until the very end of the event and everything had gone ok (nay really well) that I actually let myself believe I was capable!

    Keep the faith girl!! ou can do it!! Time may have slipped away recently maybe tomorrow will be better!!

    Love and hugs now I am off to Facebook as you have just messaged me lol xx

    PS loving this challenge although I think my other half isn't so much ha ha, oh well!!!


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